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And sometimes jerry. I really hope. I'm calling the right number because if not really awkward but anyway i was listening to a podcast today killing time and you mentioned nickelback and i thought it was funny because i live in vancouver and i'm going to tell you about a time that he came into my work and i wanna say this was the absolute worst thing i've ever done. Because kinda done to shitty things in my life but you know i'll share it with those on other voicemail but this one's pretty funny and it's relevant to your story so anyway i worked at the time in a restaurant Pretty famous comedian restaurant and Todd krueger of nickelback came in when the with his friends. And you know that song where he says i'll have a case of. Yeah like in his speaking voice. Well he were. There's a case of the. It was funny anyway but i didn't serve him that night and he tipped the server two hundred dollars and the bill was only one hundred dollars so obviously the next time he came in. I wanted to serve him so you came in again. And i lucky enough to serve him and he was with this guy who was like probably five foot two. And you start to do that. And it was just a typical. You know I don't wanna say groupie but like entourage. Kinda guy like a yes man. That's been his crew like clearly sucking off to the lead singer of nickelback and this guy was just so rude me so rude to everybody like kind of acting like. Do you know who we are. And chad was not acting like that at all He was a little high maintenance. So so anyway. I was like whatever i'm gonna get a fat tabatha so i i was putting up with it and then the bill comes and the fucking short guy is really hoping to swear The short guy he says. Oh no chad all take care of the bill. And i was so pissed and he took me five dollars and the bill was like two hundred fifty dollars so he took me two percent. I was so angry but anyway we had this little tradition that we used to do when i worked there and people could like Sign up for raffle to win the beer fridge or whatever it was that time. Sometimes it's like the read the hockey light and so basically any time. We had a shitty customer. We would take their raffle ticket with their aim. Email name and phone number and we like me and my other co worker would take that information and we would sign them up for all sorts of annoying spam emails and like auctions and it was just a fun time okay listener. Who had their close encounter with the chad kroeger. Kind i broker. I censor disappointment when the little obnoxious Tate what is it kotel. Clinginess was like all covered bro. Like i'm so i show got you. Child probably picks up all the like ten thousand dollar tabs so cheap two hundred dollars. Five dollars spamming them with emails an accurate rebellion. I mean. it's not even a bad thing to do. I'm going to go back to the fact that how i it blows my mind and anytime i'm speechless. Anytime anybody tips less than twenty percents. I don't get it. I mean that should be a baseline anybody this listening. If you're tipping less than twenty percent like you've got to change your shit and tip appropriately warning you paying on a credit card..

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