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Surprise. They're not household names yet, but according to the website name berry Milo in Posey top the list for baby named so far in twenty nineteen Posey replaces Olympia and Milo replaces Atticus name berry says Posey was a real surprise. And believes the rise of my low comes from the popularity of my low Ventimiglia from the show. This is us other names topping the list for girls Aurora Cora, and I ll for boy. It's Jasper Theodore in fin I'm Kerry shoemaker. The Trump administration blocks Cuban players from joining major league baseball teams late last year. Major league baseball reached an agreement with the Cuban government that would have allowed Cuban players to sign with big league teams without having to defect. First major league baseball goal was to avoid situations of human trafficking that often takes place when players are forced to defect from Cuba and make their way to the US. However, the Trump administration says the Obama administration was mistaken when they declared the Cuban baseball federation was not a part of Cuba's communist government, and as such would not allow American baseball franchises to directly fund the Cuban government. I'm John Stolnis. The Trump administration is designating Iran's Islamic revolutionary guard corps as a foreign terrorist organization. And it's the first time the United States is ever given that title to part of another government. Iran is reciprocating officially designating US military operating in the region as terrorist groups these ten..

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