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And this again has been refused up and down the state as we watch these fires occur and i and are taking footage all sorts of a fired right next to the road was is la ex still open god they taking off and landing in this yeah no wonder is fine his farther south it doesn't have any problems with vegetation all right now about vegetation i learned from you that the getty museum was built for the fire attacks that it's under right now what how did they do it one of the ways for it our creation construction jerry are are are kept safe is first of all there are new sets of rules that are up to constantly that make things safer and safer but one of the ways is to create what they call defensible sensible space and so instead of things vegetation row close to a building uh no matter how pretty the as they say he looked you're going to have to find a way whether samanth to her rocker dirt or something create the space between you and where the fire might be so you building isn't bern by these types of fire so we have california all the time and they also put in an air conditioning system that can be reversed i thought that was school in fact yes there should be an african a reversing air conditioning gap between the mansion the cells in in los angeles everybody should have a reverse their condition things that they were come up with that it's interesting the getty folks have been asked time and again since he's fires broke out what are you artwork out of there and they said you want to know the truth is probably the safest place in the world for this to be because we have all these update systems defence all space we're five right and and the end of the world adding so the getty museum clearly apocalypse now if you can do those walls that air conditioning system you move the arts of the side treated delicately and camp out now north of los angeles i looked at the map for ventura county is the fire that it was one hundred thousand acres last night is the wind coming back tonight the wind is coming back tonight now is it kind of.

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