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Of who he is he's always going to hit home runs but they really do emphasize the import of checking that box off and breathing and i guess that's my point like so you really you're kind of uptight whoever you are your mike trout or giancarlos your aren't until you get the first one this until you get the first one i just never really thought of it as deeply as they made it feel like it impacts them so that was a big takeaway from day one for the guys that did check their box again the baseball tonight a podcast with carl ravage providing that insight with buster only need h l the tampa bay lightning regained first place now nhl eastern conference and atlantic division a day after falling to second turns over yanni gord three cycle high slot well it's a little bit run and gun the white you're getting rewarded wfl brayden point scored twice including his thirtieth lightning win at madison square gordon seven three there now a point better than the bees meantime the leafs get it done late sites that will get their down into the islanders home neulander back the goal for hyman disneyland passing passing store with three fifty to go big papi is back in the house toronto ten fifty austin matthews tiebreaking go just under four minutes to go leave silver the aisles five to four clinch no worse than third in the atlantic division again notre dame with a dramatic overtime win over previously unbeaten yukon thanks for staying up all night for producer.

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