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And it really isn't easy read It's kind of tough to get over the hump of like you really want me to sit down and read an entire on peremptory and the answer is actually yes as actually way easier and more digestible than you think it would be. So i'd say reading material affected peremptory. I think from a just overall conference of stuff. Ghani me dot org I think is a really awesome thing. That walsall word is put together. He's also put together the iowa Glaucoma curriculum which is on University iowa algae's website There's i got coma And that's by constance okay. Who is out of virginia consultants. One of my friends used to work with her. And she's awesome. It's a youtube channel So all these things that they they help again. I know i'm redundant here on the occasion. But they help you feel more comfortable with how they present the materials and it's not over the laborious or time consuming to john jesse's things and i think they're really good for empowerment and then lastly just a plug from consulting for tele site which is a new peer to peer Model and essentially. You could send us you know glaucoma information. We could talk real time consulting But you're going to have to do that. Just you can seek out information from your peers. I think the bottom line is that we have to own glaucoma and optometry. And we're more than capable of owning dot com. We just have to do it. We're still at the point where we're ten percent of. Od's are writing ninety percent.

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