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That's where that can happen now on the edge of these storms very strong thunderstorms still possible tonight even outflow boundaries in that little blue line right there from around oskaloosa knoxville that's we're seeing some of this wind pushing ahead of the storm it actually shows up on radar gives us a nice little indication that there is a lot of wind attached with this as bread said rather unusual to see the severe thunderstorm watch eliminated as we still have tornado warnings going on or one warning with some severe thunderstorm warnings northern iowa but i do think southern iowa as we lose the heating of the day probably not the severe levels of severe thunderstorms still possible but probability that we are just going to see a lot of rain and plenty of lightning with this the lightning tracker was lit up earlier it was just showing a lot of extra lightning along that very thin edge of these storms as they continue to move to the east so a new picture this from brandon johnson just outside of pleasantville on his way home and that was where we did have that tornado warned and this bader warned tornado in that spot right yeah that was earlier with that storm you see the big rain curtain they're putting up a pretty photogenic picture there this what we talk about when we say rain wrapped curtain gets out in front of it and you can't you cannot see what's behind it what may or may or may not be there picture though brandon thank you very much for sending that we love to see what's happening in your area if you do have some pictures you can send them to us the who tv dot com or on our facebook who hd.

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