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Do Remember Cook Up Gonzaga and how much hype would was Grocott coming over from pride I mean there's so many of them well and then Out ESCA. Experience when he kicked Mark Coleman Dow's big at the time was. Messing up. He got you down hit by due to your head. Look like your your face hamburger. And refresh me here. I'm I'm having a a blank Kevin Lee kicked off. And that was you guys I mean I thought I was that was one of those moments where. I mean look. I don't WanNa get too morbid here but Jon Morgan is said it before and I think we've all come to accept something bad will happen one day if you look at the history of boxing as snack. Has To this point where Brian. Wordy, when I saw that I thought this could be it. I was I didn't even have time to go. Yes. 'cause I bet. Day I think probably I was just like, what was the all right? Like I mean that was shocking man. 'cause you see these kicks where you're like Whoa. Is this Guy GonNa be alright. And God knew over. It was crazy onto I. Remember being kid for that thousand other. Is Not that backed up like there's there's so many to count benching in recent years. One of my favorite ones back in the day was Gary Goodridge when he did the crucifix elbows. Dollars. But that's like. CRAZIEST, early knockouts. Did. You just say that goes what did you say we now is another one this was. SOMEBODY WAS ELBOWING ORLANDO? League member. REMCO Pardo. But this one was Paul Harare in. Harare. That's the guy that brought tank Abbott and Tito Ortiz into the game. If I'm not mistaken, he's like a wreck we coach Heinsohn beach Yeah he got abuse man. We talk and basically you have seen gets at this point not to mention yeah. Things that we got gotten pride and strikeforce these things over the air. So it's like sit there and make a definitive list of the best anime knockouts or you the see ones would be extremely tough task at the credit anyone who wants to actually do that work is tough. Mike, you're our social media guy at the May Junkie once they were talking about all these records that just keep getting broken because the UC took another step up and so arguably, there's just more fans which means more re tweets and things like that. He went out of his way to say that out of San Consta- believe at a they broke some record i. think it was on the social media favor views and the Joaquin Buckley that just that that one bid video alone I think has gotten the most user Selena. Most reach meets lights. Down, know exactly what the numbers are by I. Think last time I. Checked like yesterday there was something like twelve million views or something on not one clip let alone all other places being shared like I saw so many fighters open night ko on their instagram's, and it was everywhere and people are like they did the right thing sometimes most situations they won't show the finish share lights little things like that. They put it out there right away day didn't Gio block it on a single accounts they put it on all of them all these different angles and stuff. So that was about as. Viral of a knockout it gets and I think in terms of they were talking about like the I. Think it was the used the re tweets and the likes on that one and the Afro. Like a finishing clip out it was for any clip at all I. think it may be in I know Dana. Was referencing the Izzy cost staredown with like the throwing of the white belts and all that nonsense I. Think you said that was their most. You'd faceoff clip ever which I think had surpassed the Habib. And Connor at Wayans when connor like punched his hand down or whatever you know. So Yeah That's very good for the UFC in terms like getting traction having things spread like that. They want those viral moments and to get something is definitely good for their social media to their brand and. It. Hurts saw someone say yesterday yes. Unions to get a viral knockout bonus instead of like performance the nights if you get a viral Kale, like that gives dude if you someone else made a good point I, can't remember exactly it was off the top of my head on twitter like. That knockout is going to be shown on UFC opens on their promo packs and everything for like. The rest of time if not, the next ten, five, ten years or anything like there, he is helping them sell their product. You WanNa see how crazy you could look at this crazy spending knockout. Here's your residual checks and south every time they lost that out there. So would be nice if they threw a guy like that extra cheese especially gives Dana white teased to his face. We might give you two hundred thousand dollars in the ultimate ended up giving. Has got to be some value in it and I guess since we got you here. Can you explain that really as a curiosity of mine I've done it before a cousin of mine from South America. Go you got to see this in hit and it's blocked is Gio. Glock. Why would they do that in? Why do companies do that? Why wouldn't they want to get it in his many in front of as many eyeballs as It usually just comes to like television deals type thing like there might be some places where it's not showing live or ambigious tax showed finish a certain way I. think that's really what it comes down to like Bill Hab. UFC basically has a twitter account for like every country at this point at Abbott Canada Asia. Northern Australia. So I think they'll just basically put the same clip up, but they would geo block.

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