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More additional pro year required. So Casey, Middle stat. Does not have arbitration rights after this season when he goes to sign this contract for me. Would be looking to sign Casey Middle Stat for a three year deal. He's 22 years old. Right now he's going to be 23 years old when it comes, you know. When he turns 23 in November. So you're looking at signing him to a two year deal, which you would have one more year of restricted free agency. Or you're gonna be signing to a three year deal, which would take him right toe unrestricted free agency. Because the six years that he played with the enemy with the Sabre's coming out of college actually counts towards unrestricted free agency. It doesn't count towards salary arbitration. That's where it gets a little confusing, but, yeah, you're right. Yeah, definitely burned a year, didn't it? I think that was that was part of the incentive for him to come out of college, but it did not burn a year. Counting towards salary arbitration because, according to Katherine Lee, as we say, is first full season was 2018 19, where you played 77 games in 1920 plates. 67 this year played 41. So those are the three years that count towards salary arbitration, But he's already acquired four years towards the seven for Unrestricted free, which is more favorable to the player anyway. There's a lot of players don't end up going to arbitration anyway. You guys agree? You guys agree that you're gonna be signing Casey Middle Stat to a two or three year deal. I'd say it's a two year deal. That's the negative for me two year deal, So he's not gonna be able to go to arbitration after next year and get a big number. Sign him to a two year deal. You give him stability you say Listen, we like what you did to be here for. What is that number? 1.61 point 65. Probably somewhere around there. I would. I would assume yes. What stage getting pages on a three year deal for 1.4 a year. I would think, Casey. Middle status you're gonna be looking at 1.6 for what he has accomplished on a two year deal. Summer. Could, uh, unders Bjork is at 1.6. And he had 19 points in 58 games. Uh, any so you're you're thinking I'm crazy to think I'm wait. Was he on a two way deal this year. Hey, kid, Can you get a one way deal anyway? But why am I? Why do I was on the two way deal this year? Why don't you find that qualifying offer? Yeah. Why? Why do I? Why do Why am I crazy To think that a one year deal for like a million bucks for a million two is outrageous is that he's has arbitration rights if he goes and terrors of up to 25. So what? Because you're trying to protect yourself from that. That's the whole point. But he's listen. If he performs, you're gonna pay him anyway. No, no, We're not gonna pay him because we have already signed him and protected ourselves. We could have done this. Years and years ago with Sam and had him locked up to a certain contract after the bridge deal, But we elected to give me another one year deal at 5.2. Now all of a sudden, Sam after this season, in particular, has to sign another restricted free agent deal or he's gonna be they're gonna buy a mode of that. I think that I think personally that you and your number's low on a two year deal because if he goes out and puts up 44 points next year, when she was on pace for this year, you could go to arbitration asked for 3.5 to 4 Million bucks Exactly So, so you're gonna have to pay him more than 1.6 to keep their to get him on our two year deal. I think I don't think I don't think so. I think that's the whole point of him Banking on himself. You know if he signs one year deal, I wouldn't be interested in signing him to one year deal because after one year if he does have a solid season, he's going to put himself in a favorable position. Position to go to R. R. I want to take him out of Barb. So I'm going to sign him too. I don't know, particularly the number. I'm just throwing us a hypothetical which means absolutely nothing. But you're looking at giving him maybe 161718 for a two year deal. And that's protecting yourself. Bring him into the next contract where you're gonna have one more year after those two years of restrictive one more year of restricted free agency, so you can kind of manage another year. PD might do. All right. Are you in a different way? PD Sam signed a 3.653 point 65 contract after getting 42 47 50 points. 23 Gold 17 goals in 25 goals like there's no way That you are thinking, even if Casey Mills that was to get 40 points, he's not. He doesn't have the the deal while I want to say The support from his stats from his 1st 23 years to all of sense A I'm a 45 point guy. I need 3.5 Million or $4 million. You need more to bring to the table. I think to get a two year deal in the 1.5 range somewhere around there. You're giving Casey the comfort that he did not have last year, and you're moving forward. I think that would be the way to go. I would get one too. No, no, look like it. It's personal opinion right? And in the end of the day Don't know who's in the driver's seat in this particular situation. Would it be Casey because let's be honest? Three months ago. Three months ago. I don't think anybody cared if he was on this team. Right. So has he done enough? And is it just in your opinion? Is that just a two year deal? Has he done enough for that? I mean, I don't think so about the SPD who's coming back as a centers next year. Dylan cousins, in my opinion, or who's on the roster right now. You're you're Kevyn Adams. You have to figure that out. If you say Jack Salmon, Dylan cousins are coming back at center next year. What does that leave Casey Mills that you signed them to a one year deal, and they're not. But metal stud doesn't slide up because when, if and when I moved, Jack, I'm getting a center in return. I mean, so there's one cousins is too little status. Still my third line center man next year. Okay? Slash slash to a to B. How about we do that? Okay. I don't like listen, okay, but we're okay. I'm gonna go back number lines right earlier, PD. And you said it awaken number lines now. No, but I will. I'm going. I'm numbering lines. I've numbered lines for the last four years. Um, I'm gonna go back to something. You said that the break PD and and that and I don't know if you want me to share this, but you said If we have Center number one Jack Eichel, who ever Okay and then we have cousins and middle stat. We are still in a rebuilt. We are still taking our time to get to the playoffs. That's not the center lines that you say We're coming and we're blowing the dart the doors off this barn. It's not happening, so it's okay. I'm okay with that. If that's the approach we're taking, saying We still are of a few piece to get together here. But if you have center, one cousins in middle stat as two and three, you're not scaring anybody. Especially if you go back to the same old divisions as you were, and you have Toronto and you have Boston and you have temple in Florida in your division. You're not scaring anybody with that middle line. There's no other way to fill out the roster next year. Without using. Jack Sam, or both. Like there's there's no other way that you're looking. You're looking right now. And I'm not saying it's gonna happen. You could see Jack and Sam both back in this lineup next year, Okay?.

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