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When we get really focused on how we can serve others and solve problems and do it from the heart and do it with character and integrity and love and we value relationships and we celebrate those on our team all of those things all of those super high level cognitive things that make us unique they get they get amplified they get accelerated. And that's a that's a pretty cool place to be in so when i talk about disruption we're going to see in the next five years is nothing compared to what we've been through. You know what we've been through is nothing compared to what we're going to see in the next five years but i'm optimistic about it because i think we're gonna see the possibility because you know one person can do so much you get two or more working on something together. Three or more five or more in. But they're in that environment were were. Were supporting each other. We got each other's back. We're celebrating the growth. It's not one plus one equals two. You know it's two times two times two is what's going to happen. It's going to be crazy tom. You talking about the go where you're celebrated not tolerated. I just. I just wanted to hit on that because i think we can look at that and feel could easily jump into a victim mentality with that. Hey i'm not celebrated you know there's tolerate and point the finger there but back to attracting what you said attracting who you are. Are you celebrating. And you said that so many to some degree tom. Are you celebrating others. Are you being that person celebrating others as well. I know that. I can in in the right environment the wrong environment. Maybe i just tolerate people. Just go about keeping myself tolerate people. I'm not celebrating them. And yet if i then turn and go why am i not being celebrated well. I'm just tolerating them as well. So you know we gotta look at that and be honest now. I say that you can also go in with great intent and celebrate and celebrate and celebrate in some environments. You are not going to lift like you said tom. If they're you know negative enough it's going to bring everybody down to that level. So you folks you get a balanced. There's no black and white answer you've got to discern where you are but you know be aware of and cognizant of your own spirit. Are you celebrating tolerating those the people around you but then also the aware that sometimes it may be toxic enough or negative enough that you need to go. You need to go elsewhere. So that's one. That's i think calls us all to awareness. I got a couple interesting ones here tom. I wanted to hit on amber hendrickson. You talked about family businesses a minute ago and she says i know amber known her for a while she says it can be hard because i work with my significant other all day every day. We hardly get a break from each other. They run a food truck real a real successful food truck. She says maybe one night a month if that they get a break for each other otherwise. We're always together. Which is great most of the time because i love spending time with him but when we have a personal issue it bleeds into our workday. Our work issues arise and it bleeds into our personal lives. We really don't have a way to draw a line between the two since our business based out of the house and we never really leave work. We have a friend helping us some days and have tried hard to keep any issues and check so he isn't negatively impacted. He has told us many times. He loves coming to work because he enjoys his time spent with us and his pride in the product which has been a good motivator to remember that we all can affect each other very easily. Doesn't have to be just about families necessarily tom. I guess but i will speak to that. So nepotism that's the word. I actually got into that word from. Ken blanchard. ken blanchard. Most people know him. And he is. He's a proponent and advocate of nepotism of families working together and bring it family family members into the business. And obviously tom. you've done that. I mean my gosh. I think all you kids have worked in ziglar with your dad and now run the place as well. I mean my dad. I worked with him. Some my sister pretty much runs his business overall. So we see as. I have my dot you have. You've had daughter working with you. I've got my daughter One of my daughter's working with me as well. But that said you gotta you gotta look at the personalities. My wife and i i did work together at one point and then at one point decided. I don't know if that's best for us. We are very opinionated. Were very we have similar styles and it wasn't always the most healthy thing for our relationship and so for the most part. We don't do that and we do a lot together and share things but don't officially work together. So i wanna give that out there and just because you're married may have a great marriage may not mean that you work well together or should work together just because you have kids doesn't mean that you should are the but maybe you know maybe you can't balance that and i appreciate ambient open that it can. There's there's good and bad we've had a lot of people on the show that worked together just recently had mark victor hansen and and his wife crystal that work. I mean constantly together. It's doing doing really well. But i know plenty of other people who they don't do that they enjoy having centralized like my wife. She works in cognitive research. It's not my air. I don't know what. I don't understand half the published scientific papers that they do. I try to read them and give some kudos to them. But i don't know what they're talking about so both my my pay grade in that area and love that she has that pursuit and i have mine and she respects that but family business. Tom is you know. I mean can be glorious. But it's like everything there's pros and cons tensions that come with that. I think we all need to go in with open eyes with that and again i appreciate ambers honesty in that and that they're making it work but also open about the struggles. Yeah just just a couple of thoughts on that just from a personal relationship you know i love the five love languages and i love boundaries but also you know my question would be about the food truck business you know is the dream to expand into two food trucks and three food trucks and five food trucks and maybe a a regular business or is this is this just kind of this is all we want you know we just love doing this type of business together in. Let's just say your goal is expansion to hire people in you know maybe franchise or do something something like that. One of the cool things about the business systems that we teach. Is that when you when you cyst buys a business. It takes a lot of The anxiety the worry the stress outta relationships because we're no longer having a difference of opinion against each other were now co creating a system and how we're going to do something and then this one person says hey..

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