Vistaprint, Matt, IRS discussed on Sean Hannity


Vistaprint this is a cow the gal that made the milk that was made into the cheese that made Tober dairy farm into the talk of a craft fair but she's only last so long the impression of small business like Tober dairy farm makes can last much longer with the right business card to back it up that's why Vistaprint is offering five hundred truly personalized business cards starting at nine ninety nine that's five hundred cards with exactly the look you want for just nine ninety nine plug your information and logo into hundreds of fresh designs tailored to your type of company or upload your own original a kick from paper stocks like Matt glossy or uncoated you can even upgrade to a unique touch like rounded corners the choice is yours the time now now not cow farmer to over five hundred business cards starting at nine ninety nine with promo code twenty six twenty six that's promo code two six two six at Vistaprint dot com Vistaprint on the now don't go to bed another night worrying about on file taxes for letters and calls from the IRS if you owe ten thousand dollars or more there is a local help available the IRS recently enacted changes in the tax law called the fresh start initiative with local help from the tax guy Brian daily C. P. eight you may be able to settle your entire IRS dad for up to eighty five percent off the original amount owed including penalties and interest if you qualify this is Brian daily I'm sure you've heard other offers from national companies but before you waste time and hard earned money trying to resolve your iris issues with a phone call across the country please call me you can come to my office in Clifton park will meet in person for a free initial consultation and discuss how I can help you don't call an eight hundred number call me at five one eight three eight three thirty three thirty all right here in the capital district call the tax guy Brian Daly CPA at three eight three thirty three thirty calls are answered twenty four seven so call now three eight three thirty three thirty or visit five one eight tax dot com five one eight tax dot com you will see in our.

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