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If you're an offroad aficionado or even just WANNA be. This story is a big deal. After a quarter century Ford is resurrecting the Ford Bronco a direct rival to the jeep. Ford produce the Bronco for thirty straight years starting in nineteen, sixty six. The vehicle had only two doors reportedly one reason why Ford discontinued it in Nineteen ninety-six consumer sentiment was shifting toward four doors. Historians say the Bronco Developed Cult Status. After it was discontinued today, the beefy muscular vehicles, a sentimental favourite restored vintage models can sell for up to two hundred thousand dollars with a corporate unit called Ford icons. Ford is Heavily Marketing Nostalgia that division includes the Bronco, a Mustang and a new line of Ford F one fifty pick-up trucks, including a hybrid version, and soon to be debuted all electric. And Nostalgia sells, but it's far from the only reason. The automakers releasing a Bronco for the twenty first century. The company is capitalizing on a trend according to the automaker offroad vehicle, so called rugged SUV's. Twice, as popular as regular SUV's CNN reports that has engineered the new bronco models for quote hard off road driving. You know the kind that allows you to quote. Get far from civilization. An even stay there for awhile. Is the perfect escape for pandemic induced cabin fever. Get a dose of Adrenalin while avoiding the plague. It's a combination made for advertising. Heaven Kit needs to be the jeep wrangler as the Juggernaut of off road vehicles. CNBC reports that automakers have been trying to quote dethrone the Wrangler for decades. Without much success. Even during the pandemic GPS kept selling Fiat Chrysler sold an average of seventeen thousand jeep wrangler every month for the last five years according to the Detroit news last year, almost a quarter, million wrangler flew off dealership. Lots and experts say jeep owners are loyal. To a fault. Still Ford executives have moxie. They're predicting sales of two hundred thousand broncos over the next year, according to Automotive News. and. Keep in mind that the low end version of the new line. The broncos sport won't even be out until years end higher end versions of the Bronco won't be at dealerships until next spring. Ford is doing everything it can to make the Bronco enticing enough to away jeep lovers, and of course to persuade new off roaders to come into the Ford camp that includes besting the ramblers largest tires thirty three inches with whopping thirty five inch tires, Ford says a Bronco outfitted with the almost three foot in diameter tires can easily go through a couple of feet of water models also come with removable roofs and doors. Drivers can store the doors in the Bronco. For, it says. At about thirty thousand dollars, the price of the two door base Bronco comes in at only two hundred dollars more than the base price of the jeep wrangler at the top in a limited number of first edition for door Bronco started about sixty one thousand dollars, Ford began taking one hundred dollar deposits on Broncos last Monday when it released the new line I edition reservation slots sold out within a couple of hours. Still as bullish as the auto press is about the Broncos, the release comes against bleak backdrop for the auto industry. Overall vehicle sales plummeted when covid nineteen emerged shut the industry down for two months recently, both Ford and GM reported second-quarter sales declines of about thirty three percent from a year earlier jeep parent, Fiat Chrysler did even worse with sales down forty percent. And that puts a lot of pressure on Ford to live up to its promise of adding a billion dollars to the bottom line next year through Bronco Sales. And it adds pressure Chrysler to keep jeep at the top of the OFFROAD HEAP Stakes is high as the boulder strewn rocky mountains. The war between Bronco in gene. We'll be fascinating to watch.

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