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Very very. I really I say I said things I'm not saying, you know, I'm proud of things like, you know, you go to church yourself woman, and you play head games with your kids with your husband with other people that you slamming doors, and you lock people out your cranking up the music, so loud and all this. That is not Christ. Like how about it? Then I just of doing it. It's like it doesn't work. It's ineffective anything. No. But you you have dinner fide some of the problem, but you've got to also determine I've got a problem with not knowing what to do. So I, and that's why how wonderful that there are people who are truly biblical now. What I'm saying is I it would be best for you to have a Christian counselor. And but it's got to be someone. And what you do is. You communicate you you can. Do you have any idea right now of a marriage therapist or a counselor who's a Christian counselor? But who is a relationship expert? Well, there will be people. That we we have a resource we're going to send you. But I what I do know is there are people who know people now. Bubby? Are you is is there? I'm gathering that. You're kind of divided on the her kind of church versus what? Did you know that? You were indicating you say her church, and it was more like so. Okay. I guess what to say do you have some spiritual connections with the within another church where you could ask for advice and say, I would like to know if you can you is there anyone who can put me in contact. At least get me started to try to talk to somebody who I can't another dressy for a recommendation, and sometimes you can look in a minute say the equivalent of the yellow pages for Christian counselors. But the main thing is you, you know, a marriage therapist because it's a relationship problem. I'm hearing that you're an and it's a problem on the inside of you not knowing what to do. So at least this has the potential, and if she's willing to be a part. Could be that you go first. But it if the two of you go that can be.

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