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Professor of political science Benjamin Gonzales. O'Brien, who told me in a Koga news interview that Biden's inauguration. It comes in a historical time when the nation is especially divided where not only are American divided but increasingly They are consuming different sets of news different information than each other. And I think that this is what makes this historical moment difficult to compare to past one, he says. The spread of misinformation on social media has helped to drive a wedge between many Americans who otherwise have a lot in common. You could read more about this and hear his entire interview at cobo dot com. Keyword Cliff notes. Now it is time for news about your money with Sully. It's brought to you by bay Alarm, Putting the pro in protection. Hey, Sully. You guys having a really great day. Today, Stocks are trading their record highs as President elect Biden this schedule be sworn in at a scaled down ceremony that begins as you've been mentioning here didn't just a few minutes here. The incoming president has laid out plans. For a $2 trillion covert package, and many economists believe it's gonna be a bit of a challenge to get this across the goal line here but nonetheless during one of the biggest busiest earning seasons Of the year. We're having an unbelievable day. NASDAQ is up almost 2% believe it or not up 221 points at 13,004 18 S and P up 40 points. That's one full percentage point at 38 39. The Dow Jones is up about 6/10 of a percent. At 31 109. That's 178 points higher there, sort of in a really solid in Wall Street. A couple of things just to think about earning season is underway. We're going to see Goldman Sachs today were to see IBM today and we have a raft of bank earnings coming today, tomorrow and Friday, one concern for the market bond yields or around their highest in the year. Traders are preparing for a lot less stimulus from the Fed Reserve because obviously in bond yields go up. There's an inverse relationship between bonds and interest rates. This might drive interest rates down just naturally. On the stock market. Apparently not concerned about violence in D C today in a smooth transition of power, so fingers crossed. We'll see that for the rest of the for the rest of the trading day today, but so far so good Dow Jones NASDAQ s and P all up and I'll tell you everything else and you know, coming up here at 7 55. All right. That sounds good, Sully and ah reminder coming up right After eight o'clock. We will have live coverage of the swearing in ceremony for Joe Biden and Kamila Harris Right here on Kogo. And it's six o'clock this evening Tune in because we'll have live coverage of the inauguration celebrations as well. We have your traffic and a very blustery, possibly rainy forecast on the way Koko nears time. 7 26 1 Day You're serving in the military. And then the next day you come home and you're dealing with Jury. Britain is in recovery from an addiction to prescription opioids. My opioid misuse and need.

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