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Helicopter crash and that's unfortunate I have a hard time believing Charlie Henderson would not take seriously any safety concern so guess who might be a friend of Charlie Henderson's I believe it would be Tom Riley who is currently the middle sixty eight he's going to become the Massachusetts DA. I'm sorry the Massachusetts AG once the police commander blamed state troopers union for fostering controversy the colonel but the state police association Massachusetts where which represents non commissioned officers in the forces it was Henderson who is settling a vendetta by refusing to repeat a request by the air wing for training the colonel took a dim view of the air wing after they filed a grievance against what he did in refusing those requests for training with petty and vindictive. in nineteen ninety one Natalie on had pleaded with his superiors to improve training saying this letter is being written as a final attempt to force my superiors to act so that a possible accident can be prevented that is brutal. in March nineteen ninety four sergeant Richard well be one of the air wing senior pilots sent a memo to commanders including Henderson the more of an accident and said it it is now time for management to decide if it doesn't fact wish to operate a functional and safe aviation unit. Henderson and transferred will be out of the air wing in nineteen ninety one but an arbitrator agreed with the union that the transferred been done in retaliation hope all. the union challenging Henderson's of Dorothy so there you go I mean you've already got an arbitrator's saying that Henderson I eat lash out in retaliation for at least one thing eighty it makes sense that basically he he ignored these requests for training as part of retaliation as well. basically before this reporter is is. comes out they decide they need to at least change part of the air wing. the move is that homeless again in a move that may point to a because of the deadly February twenty second crash of the state police helicopter officials yesterday said they are dismantling of Framingham fueling facility now this was apparently the other cause of this crash was that they had a filter eight on the fuel that wasn't working so all sorts of junk was getting every time they re fuel this helicopter allsorts alike. just a little bit so it leaves and staff was getting into the fuel tank and that was a big part of why this helicopter crashed so they had a wrong basically the wrong filter on it on a the closing of the feeling facility was one of several changes to be made in the forces air wing before resumes operations the changes include it re writing the operations manual new inspections for aircraft engines and an additional round of training for the pilots all that's nice they get their training now that four people died all right now their head Henderson it nor the Assistant Secretary public safety would comment on news accounts about the cause of the crash at a press conference yesterday they said they could not tiny the Framingham facilities closing to any of the investigation specific findings yada yada yada and the closing is so he was an economy measure on the debt a debt forgive me okay so the state police American Eurocopter helicopter crash into Harvard university's boat house along memorial drive in Cambridge killing state troopers Paul Perry and James model Yano also killed were two passengers Arthur Howland Michael McCarthy both eighteen T. technicians Krikorian said public safety commissioner Kathleen o'toole decided to announce the new procedures an effort to avoid the information leaking out piecemeal and causing pain for the victims' families none of the state police or public safety officials would comment unsubstantiated reports of sabotage or on at Middlesex district attorney Tom Riley's investigation the crash. are the only technical step it was announced involving the dismantling I detected the he announced the that water had been discovered in the bottom of the tank shortly after the crash helicopter had taken on its last load of fuel to Norwood airport where the wing is based so last week the globe quoted an unnamed source was familiar with the investigation is saying one factor in the crash was that a wrong fuel filter on the tank in Framingham apparently allowed a contaminant to get in to the helicopter. the NTSB has previously said it found a foreign substance in the fuel system. I'm a fuel contamination normally would not have been catastrophic but in a necessarily but an unnecessary fuel additive apparently was introduced into the text possibly causing contamination passed to the engine. so that was another aspect basically in this crash that died didn't have anything to do with retaliation however. so their news leaks out that tool is going to somehow become the new state police colonel. and that ends up getting torpedoed because she also has been tainted by this crash the ending the ending story is that of course Henderson is tossed he ends up leaving. and then tool is looked out for replacing him and they won't replace some big I mean she doesn't replace some because of course she's tainted by this too this is a April of nineteen ninety six this is of course after Henderson decides to. calling his chips I guess. save your safety secretary Kathleen o'toole behind the scenes critic of management state police is not that behind the scenes I don't think is expected to be named its first woman superintendent by the way I love the story because it's one of those classic. first of all it's it's incorrect this lead is to is you know actually wrong she was expected to be named its first woman superintendent when its embattled leader retires next week all that's wrong she ends up not being named its first woman superintendent at all but an administration official says she is definitely on the shortest of short lists. I don't know who gave his Corp it's terrible and then the administration official who requested anonymity we love her tool forty two says she's not talk to the governor about taking the job but said weld teases her about her obvious enthusiasm for the position. he knows where my heart is so tool said people know I'm a police officer not a politician I don't have any political aspirations well apart from the political aspirations to get the job but anyway whatever well decides tool says would be fine with her I don't know if that's true I'm going to do whatever the governor wants me to do tools said officially tools one of four finalists for the job being vacated by colonel Henderson others include captain read Hellman who actually ends up getting the job let's see who else I don't know bunch of other people weld said yesterday he expects to pick Henderson successor by next week the only possible hitch to tools appointment according to sources would be if she is perceived as having engineered Henderson's ouster to further her own career that's exactly what ends up happening of course over the past four months tool is brushed off remarks by Henderson loyalists that she had designs on his job she continually has spoken with enthusiasm about the talent and potential of the department her criticism of Henderson's management wasn't ill kept secret yeah I know bleep it wasn't L. kept secret she's pretty much quoted. often about how she felt it was his fault that is crash happened in the first place o'toole who still holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the state police denies that she was gunning for Henderson's Hobbs. quote I have never stepped on anybody to get where I am today she said no no no Henderson forty nine is leaving following a string of controversies including a report by the Federal Aviation Administration on a fatal helicopter helicopter crash last year that was highly critical of the supervision of the state police is their way two troopers and two eighteen T. we know this died on the FAA said a pilot training was a factor. basically handers and of course injured two no confidence votes by the troopers union in the past three years the most recent voice vote taken at a meeting attended by two hundred and fifty members in January the sense that tool orchestrated Henderson's ouster was fueled by her commissioning of a management study that was widely expected to be critical of Henderson tools and yesterday the study's initial findings were given to her in March the same day that Henderson's retirement plans became made public. I think that some proof right there all right thank you all for listening to animal house as always. I always love talking about the.

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