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A quick announcement about old school. Old School is still happening. The format of the show has changed a little bit with Jank running for Congress. I also want you to just be aware that with Jink gone We are kind of running on fumes and There are few people who have taken on a lot of work. We're doing our best so please stay patient with US understand Dan. We're not trying to GYP. Anyone of anything. I think that's actually not an okay. We're anymore sorry. Sorry I didn't mean that But you get what I'm saying. We're not trying to screw anyone over. It's just that there's there's a few people taking on a lot. We're running running as much as we can and get everything we can to you guys. It's easy to think because you hear each year that some other country. Here's something has brought to you. I T to think that we have a lot of money resources. But it's still a very small operation and a very small crew so both on air and behind the camera. It's like a like you could be basically stay on this table effectively and so just just bear that in mind if we have no money and no resources many people. Yeah so just be aware of that what we have is you. Yes all right so few member comments. I bathe in a very genius stable geniuses. Tears says remember when Jinks said he was going to get back at John for making being fun of him on the damage report seems John has won the war. He doesn't even want to get Congress. It's just just doing this for vacation. Education Time Yeah right Currently carrying mail deep in Trump County California says High all.

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