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On DMV go ahead what's yours Tom I heard that there was a question but I didn't catch the entire question so well can you recall first of all can you renew can you go to DMV anymore or do you renew everything online well each county established as their own is going to have their own policies under these circumstances it kind of depends some there may be some counties that are open in some of the more rural areas Denver department of motor vehicles is closed until March thirty first at the earliest that's a major deal that's a major deal so how to people of they have a new car what did they do well we're in a situation like this and when we say if we have a computer outage that is a long lasting one and people are trying to get things done difficult law enforcement was notified so in this circumstance I can almost assure you the state department they're going to be more lenient our day they're going to be more lenient yes okay next thing then what about emissions more lenient to the emissions testing R. I don't know that there's been a definitive policy established about what they're going to do about car the people that need to renew their registration and required emissions test or for a new registration on an older car but the stations are open as far as I know but you have already contacted that's what I thought were now thank you very much thank you letter cherry are you going to say the same thing what is your take on DMV go ahead sherry this is the interchangeable formation on the troubleshooter show along with help where the traffic cop for help what's going on sherry it's scary but anyway Kerry was happening I'm an ounce already that that as far as the DMV that life license plate they're given an extra two months grace period thank you thank you very much for joining us tonight yeah okay great and as far as golf courses golf courses have been closed for over a week now there's no golf courses of well there are I I hate to defy that but there are some private ones that were open the country in a country club or something exactly know about that but as far as all the thirty one okay the London staff say they are close all right thank you three oh three seven one three talk you know it seems to me there are certain activities that won't endanger people golfing is one of them if you want to go out and keep your distance how can golfing hurt anyone that's the part I don't understand or walking in the park you know keep your distance of course you want the enforcement mechanism now is this for what rule provisions in the role for tri county health department now where are you reading this from state statute yeah actually good listener Dave Porter sent it to me it's right in the section on the order to stay in place order from the health department okay so that would mean any stand place water that not just that health department right well this one is T. C. H. E. D. which is tri county health department what does it say it says it's unlawful for any person who willfully violate disobey or disregard this order any person who dies may be guilty of a class one misdemeanor upon conviction may be punished by a fine up to five thousand in imprisonment up to eighteen months end in addition if you do not follow this order T. C. H. D. may seek a court order in Colorado state District Court to enforce this order in restrain you all right listen we can't have martial law and dictatorships right now I understand we need to stay safe I understand that but doggone it there are plenty of ways to stay safe without stay at home what the hell does it mean more first of all first of all people should be able to get their car go anywhere they want as long as they don't get out who cares who cares second of all you should be able to so if I want to take a drive I should be able to what do you care I'm in my car I'm not hurt anybody if I go to an open area where you can keep six foot distance there's nothing wrong with that either I so there's certain things that are just be asked now now we're just getting a little ridiculous I know it's dangerous and I'm not saying to be reckless but for god's sake you can keep it distance what if I want to go out ride by bicycle why should we die you're not supposed to but why are you okay you're not supposed to heal you sound like my mother you know I suppose why because I said so that's a and that's what the order says Michele what's happening with your student loan let's get to some consumer problems we want to help you what's going on three weeks maybe even a month ago you did a show with the gentleman that was having its assets garnished by its student loans yes and I was not notified of mine intelligence they started taking from my SSI it's compounded daily and I didn't know they could take a government benefit government the government they call that's right it is your right it is that's right I need to know that they cannot give me a pay off on it I get it within four hundred dollars and if I mail them a check of certified check whenever they tell me it has to be to the penny or there's still going to garnish me now that sounds ridiculous to me yeah but you when you talk to that gentleman about a month ago to to hand him over to an attorney I had to get out of my car and I couldn't hear the end of that the guy that we talked to about student loan collection I'm trying to think what we did with it if anyone remembers mark do you remember that call there's been so many of them by yeah now mine's been going on since June we used to have an expert that was excellent and the co shooting these down and then getting it paid off in some but why are you exempt what makes she said why wouldn't attorney even be able to help you well I was just wondering if they could help me get it to where they would accept the pay off amount as a certain dollar amount all she wants is to pay off and then she would send it to him no if all she wants was a pay off I can imagine that's an issue I they're not giving it to at thirty yeah sure that's not what I'm hearing what I'm hearing from her she wants to negotiate it down to a single pay off because I got past that because this was a student loan back in twenty twelve all you want let me get this straight then all you want is a payoff amount right so that and you can't get it right so to start compounding daily what what reason what reason do they give you for not giving you the payoff they tell me that the check had exactly hit Sam well you have to know what it is right right that is the biggest piece of garbage Michelle who told you that people it credited jester's court day they're the ones that are garnishing my SSI reddit adjusters because you even know they're legit well you know I do I don't and I do the department of education is the one that turned it over to them and so that I can confirm that much and I have to give you listed they have to give you a pay off that I know it well I don't even understand why they're not giving up have you say I want to know the pay off plus per diem they give you a payoff plus per diem so the Pappas for today the per diem is to be added for each day after that you U. S. so that specifically you tell me talk to someone who told you that they know from their attorneys and their lawyers that you are allowed and you are permitted to have a payoff amount and if they won't give it to you find out the specific name and person who will not give you a pay off and we're going to take legal action you tell that I'm not kidding now it out get it get Michelle Mattel Machon how she get back in touch with us three oh three seven one three talk seven one three eight two five five Lori you have a comment on martial law go ahead Laurie hello hold on Laurie please I'm gonna take a break I'll come back to all of you right after this now impact traffic this report is sponsored by discover we treat you like you treat you if you do have to be out and about on the highway drive please be careful out there but the highways are wide open across the mile high city at this time watch out for some construction work though at the mousetrap eastbound I. seventy on the ramp to northbound I. twenty five bit stopping go this word with roadworks taking place on that ramp to travel through there with caution but the rest of the highway drive across the mile high city freeway system is wide open.

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