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And welcome back and we will have different in just a moment. I just confirmed by talking to our second ago just before the break ended so hello Tomasz will connect us and Deborah will be on fly shows talked so fast hopefully today I will be able to ask a few questions and kind of punctuate with a little bit of science behind it to show the wherever she's saying is not a conspiracy theory or pseudoscience. It's real science. Things are not happening a distant future they're happening today and then the recent past <hes> and I hope we have back on their now <hes> she's <hes> should be available so the first thing I want people to understand is the globalist control of the banks the insurance carriers and Intel agencies to control the media is too frightened. People as idiots like l._l._C.. I call her absent a CORTEX and other Enviro maniacs leaving the so-called green dirty deal in fact the article. We're going to be talking about on Wednesday with low. Ponti Who's written for readers digest for decades and been in <hes> special think tanks the U._S.. Government equalizers was Craig Smith books that we have the seven to that generation of books are all free that we offer every Wednesday and if you just dial the number of he'll send the book to free of charge no credit card no tracking nothing just gives the address you want to send it to. We will send it out to you. Money machine is what <hes> what we're looking at so we have never go ahead everywhere. We have a connected now. Yes Great <hes> Dr Bill. Hello everyone this is Deborah. Taveras was stopped the crime dot net and on Today's program I'm going to be talking about many breaking and developing developing stories and not necessarily in the order of importance so I'm just going to let it roll. I I want to address the blackouts that hit Manhattan on Saturday this last Saturday that would be <hes> <hes> July the thirteenth <hes> two thousand nineteen. It's very important that everyone check into the climate action plans in Manhattan and in New York and you will find that New York has approved one of the most ambitious climate action plans in the country so what does that mean massive reductions of greenhouse gas emissions in all commercial and residential properties which includes reduction of electricity so it would be <music> fair to suggest or to certainly put on the burner that this rolling blackout that was likely intentionally caused was to get people accustom to what is being rolled out throughout lt country in every neighborhood everywhere in fact worldwide to reduce our standard of living <hes> in in the guys of reducing climate change because it's manmade when we know this is all whether weapons alliance let me add some science for just twenty seconds here <hes> they said it was one step down transformer the burnt out if every done in power which any city like this would have you wouldn't get sixty one thousand people power so this is a pile of hokey. Okay okay. Please continue well. Of course we know that Con Edison is a major power <hes> and it's it. It was a major power outage that struck Manhattan in New York and we have to remember that the utilities are buying large run by Rothschild L._l._C. and companies and we know that this power outages likely the start of many more such planned events and we're seeing that happening across the country under <hes> different <hes> terms. They're saying here in California. They're going to cut the power if we have a red flag fire warning where the atmosphere is is very <hes> <hes> low humidity <hes> where we are hot in their wins which of course they are creating. They neglect to add we're heavily Kim trailed both before during and after major fire events but let's get back to New York because New York you have to look at the climate action plans and in New York York City <hes> I will be blasting out on stop the crime dot net. You'll find it under the email blasts outs that <hes> New York says in their plans they plan to eliminate the use of all fossil fuels now first of all that should be dead giveaway played the plans are corrupt because our petroleum never did come from fossil fuels. This is right out of their plans and <hes> again <hes> I urge everyone to watch youtube origins of oil to understand the reality of oils oils and we're gas really came from but what's important is that these policies have already been developed in adopted that serve the controllers ideas societal control without regard to ethic morality or life so oh the blackouts and I understand that there were over four hundred people stuck in elevators during this event and I can only say that this is the beginning of rolling blackouts across this country for a variety of excuses are extreme weather or e._m._p.. From the sun or even A._C._M._e.. Fact by a rogue nation right well <hes> our road nation is sitting right here in Washington D._C.. And we are the enemy and we are being attacked by our own city councils local county board of supervisors and all the corporate agencies. We are the enemy we are operated under executive orders which is why <hes> most recently on <hes> June the eleventh of two thousand and nineteen by Executive Order <hes> genetically modified food is to be made <hes> excessively available because of food scarcity and because the climate change so but that is not where I wanted to go in the program today of course to suggest to look at how government runs by going to the Federal Register and start looking at the federal <hes> <hes> register for the executive orders. This is how U._S._A.. INC is run it is not run by your votes or the assumption that you can vote New People in. I also urge everybody to go to stop the crime dot net go to our youtube video channel. We have a five live part series up in the comments about this are becoming unbelievably important when we're rolling out the various aspects of genocide and we cover much of what we've covered many many times on prior radio shows <hes> Dr Bill but I want to go on into some other <hes> breaking news that I think is extremely important for everyone to know we've posted an advisory on stop the crime dot net about the electrical bicycles and fires and we've learned that the dangers of Lithium Ion batteries used in the majority of electric bikes or e bikes cause fires so literally you can have your crotch blown out right from underneath you <hes> and you can find this article. It's <hes> <hes> a Forbes report that is unusual for electric bikes to catch fire. They're saying but they're showing that the e bikes <hes> have caused many fires in fact. It's even caused some garages to burn down as they're charging the batteries so I invite everybody to take the time to understand the level of weaponization that we face Zyppah. We saw that in an aircraft last week where the plane had to be evacuated because a recharger pack useless in my hand on fire to this is standard. Oh Yes apple expert was quoted. This is regarding the e bikes that <hes> <hes> catch on fire the expert is quoted as saying that the Lithium Ion batteries or rather unreliable and rather explosive rather really and you are never sure if or when they will explode and win they do you have a big problem. This is a quote and while the expert has an obvious conflict of interest he owns a consulting business called fire safety engineering support and he supports the statements and he goes on so we we have posted this advisory. <hes> this was a tremendous article that <hes> was <hes> written <hes> and <hes> and has many links of how these batteries explode and certainly if they get dented or damaged edge so you better not fall over a crash on your e bike because that will potentially lead to an exploding battery and there are many links to this story as well so get that out there to all your friends because of course they're moving US <hes> into and out of our <hes> fossil fuel cars which they say or fossil field and we know that petroleum is not a fossil fuel. They're moving into <hes> an electric grid of electric vehicles in this is just another method <music> of battlefield energy control systems in kill grit directly so they can have autonomous vehicles and eventually they wanna make outlawed the you can't own operate your own vehicles. Only Thomas vehicles run by the LEX. Should the allowed on the public transport routes well. That's absolutely true in fact in some articles that I've recently received out of Ireland by twenty twenty two <hes> many towns will no longer even allow <hes> gasoline driven vehicles and <hes> even the use of gas in their in their homes and we've talked about this many a time on prior shows. Dr Bill Gas is being eliminated for use in all new construction now here in the rebuilds else in northern California and and gas is going to be moved out of homes. If you hold on to a gas appliance ultimately your code enforcement will charge you. The cities will charge you for <hes> increased greenhouse gas emissions to the uses gas well yes if you have a viking range for example. They're very expensive. They're beautiful ranges a very high-end and many people prefer to cook on gas. If you do not retrofit out of gas then you will be charged a fee for contributing to greenhouse gas emissions now how these fees will be charged <hes> we're still learning about that but this is the plan so make absolutely no mistake on stop the crime dot net. We've had a tab there for a very long time called kiss your gas goodbye and we we're reading this in the climate action plans many years ago but I want to get back to more breaking news <hes> and this is going to be a nationwide so as you hear me talk about specific location here in California Nja. I don't want you to think that California is the pilot program for all of this that that <hes> California is being specifically targeted no everywhere worldwide is being targeted it but I'm going to tell you a specific event that happened here that you need to be watchful of in your towns too and that event is this <hes> last week we received a a call <hes> from southern California Edison in southern California under the umbrella of Edison International again another rothschild run utility and <hes> that call <hes> warned people that between this was for <hes> Friday <hes> and this was for Friday only it was an advisory warning about reducing your energy consumption so <hes> Friday would have been the twelfth July the twelfth two thousand in nineteen. We were given a call and many people in fact the eighty thousand customers of southern California Edison should have been given this advisory advisory <hes> that read as follows in this was <hes> again <hes> broadcast everyone it said <hes> that <hes> they're going to have <hes> <hes> peak energy pricing right now. My computer is not pulling up but here we go <hes> here's what the call said. Southern California Edison has scheduled a critical peak pricing event for Friday July the Twelfth Two Thousand Nineteen. And from four P._M.. To Nine P._M.. Please reduce your electric consumption. During this peak.

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