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Her comments during an interview on the BBC. Okay. If you're curious, I was thank you. It's 7 55. Let's see how things are going out there on the streets and the roadways and the highways and the byways and the up ways in the down wave's and the You know the traffic here's money. Cook. Solo, messy out there. This 40 sponsored by lows on I 35 North Bennett's saint of the wreck remains in the right. Lane also got the one on North bound 75 around Collins and one block C H O V. Lane East found on the Bush Turnpike and Josie a wreck and one North found Luke 12 all Tom Walker Die 30 that one's in the two right lanes. Whether you're a pro on the job site or managing properties clean and safe is your number one priority? Those goes beyond the basics. Bring you commercial cleaning from top brands like Clorox, Zep and Rubbermaid. Chop lows for pros, not calm, Choose delivery or pick up in store lows. The new home for pros us only with K L I f right now. Traffic I'm Monte Cook. I'm meteorologist brand partner. Whether looks pretty good here the rest of this week a couple of chances of rain. Mostly sunny and 57. Today with light north winds, few Sprinkles possible overnight with a low near 40. Tomorrow looks windy and cooler with a high near 51 lows could be in the twenties Wednesday night Thursday, also little on the cool side with a high of 52. Will be windy and warmer Friday with high near 68 a few spotty showers possible that night ending Saturday morning. I'm K l i f W B A P meteorologist Brad Martin..

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