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Had created a twenty one day. Course, it's called make healthy habit. Twenty one days to better sleep. And of course, that people can watch the comfort of their own home where we really talk through all of the benefits of leap and somebody's like, oh, well, why would you start there? Like isn't. We all know that leap is good for us. But I've got to be honest. You know, before I really started reading all the research on sleep. I thought it was like something that was nice but not necessary. And then I was like, oh, wait what like this matter in this matter, and it's going to increase my risk for cancer and heart attacks and stroke, and all these sorts of things, and I started reading more and more on not only the health implications. But then also like factors like when we're we're even just sleep deprived by a single night or single our in one night that that can actually reduce our immune cells in our function. So we're more likely to get sick. Or that it reduces our likeability, and we can all probably. Late that right when because we tend to be more cranky, and, you know, more reactive with their children, or or co-workers, whatever it might be. But so for us, we really expanded on all those things because I think that that's pretty eye opening, and I think it's so easy to say, oh, you know, that's something that I should do. But I don't I don't really think it's making a big difference in my life. So we go through all those benefits. And then we we get really real about what the challenges are. Because we know. I mean, we we see it all the time with the clients, we interact with, but we also have seen it and experienced these challenges our selves, and even the people who have been really advocating for good sleep in the past, you know, year, or so and everything that we talk about everything that we do. And in our little like there are still those nights from like lawn, but he would sit on the couch me on this just stay here. They went one more hour won't hurt us. And so it's the struggle. Right. We all face. So we go through those challenges and then the last week. Of course, we really walk people through cutting you create ritual for good habits because so much of the work that I do is around helping people form habits and the directions that they want to go. So that if we know that maybe alcohol was something we want to change your life. How do we create a habit? So that alcohol use works for us and our decisions..

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