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The issue updated guidance requiring all service members to be vaccinated. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said these steps are necessary in order to ensure the safety of service members who usually live and work closely together in barracks and on ships. Now, this isn't a novel move right now. U S military are already required to get as many as 17 different vaccines, depending on where they're deployed. Troops, however, may be granted temporary exemptions for up to a year if they're pregnant. Seriously ill or if there's a lack of vaccine supply, like a jockey, ABC NEWS Washington Kentucky's governor Andy Beshear, making new warnings today with the number of covid cases last week in Kentucky, the third highest in the history of the pandemic. Our hospitalizations have been doubling just about every two weeks and folks that means we're getting really close to every single across the entire Commonwealth. We can staff being full now. Today, 2600 new cases reported in Kentucky. 17 more have died in Ohio and with Covid 19 on the rise, we may be approaching a perilous situation. Dr. Bruce Vanderhof says that winter illnesses are being shown now, and that means that that could be even worse. Come this winter. New covid cases new hospitalizations new ICU admissions in Ohio today, all again over their three week averages. Which have been rising now for weeks. In Indiana, 1700 new cases were added to the tally. A local man pulls a gun and an area of football game. A parent was arrested yesterday after he allegedly pulled a handgun at a wooden woods intermediate school football game during a fight, the prosecutor says. Daniel Ward got into a physical fight with another parent pulled the gun and 500 students and parents fled. He also fled and was pulled over a couple of blocks away now facing weapons charges as he convicted felon. This case will undergo grand jury review and he'll be back in court. September 1st I'm Alex Frank NewsRadio 700. W L W 700 WLW Sports. Here's the Reds update. The Reds were the day off today. They'll open up a road trip tomorrow night with the 1st 23 up against the central Division. Lini Brewers in Milwaukee. The action right here on 700 WLW. The Reds a game up on the Padres for the final wild card spot trail the Brewers in the division by 7.5 Games, The Padres today fired their pitching coach Larry Rothschild, who was with the Reds in the 1990 world championship season. Bengals Update Bengals back on the practice field today, getting ready for Sunday's pre season finale at Paul Brown Stadium up against the Dolphins. Former Bengals Pro Bowl defensive tackle Geno Atkins, visiting with the Seattle Seahawks today, Bill Dennison, 700 wlw Sports I'm Sandy Collins. Our next update at 6 30 on NewsRadio. 700 wlw. Oh, this is so good to finally see my Bay Bridge.

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