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The syntax of your command was but it was pretty capable and it was still one of the best voice calling like you know call my wife and it would call my wife in like it seemed to work even more consistently back than than our current super smart machine learning assistance worked today every time i say you know i use my wife's name it will pull every contact that has my wife's middle name which is almost all of the female members of my family so my wife's name is marie and i was like call marie bag now and they'll be like well do you mean christina marie brigitte marie yvonne murray like no no i don't google i've been using you for years you should know who my wife is by now and i have to set up like a nickname so i saw my i have to remember that when i wanna call my wife i have to say call wife i can't use my wife's name so i think most people would be of of the i don't think there'd be a lot of disagreement that siri has not kept pace even some of the more recent updates to bixby while i don't think bixby's in any danger of reaching that critical tipping point of being the voice assistant that wins it's delivering some really formidable macro functionality your ability to control multiple actions with a single command is pretty awesome and you would think that apple with its ecosystem really trying to get home kit and home automation off the ground that they'd be leading the way on that apple makes the argument for ecosystem all the time but they don't seem to offend the push for what gets siri not only up to the rest of the voiced assistance on the market but what actually surpasses them and i think that's a tricky spot sounds like within the company itself there was not much coordination in bringing siri to be more than to be a more like an alexa or google system because these tests you know voice calls and messaging you know they.

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