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However, there are also a lot of movies that just just are there to just make you laugh all give you two comparisons Schindler's List and pineapple express and pineapple express both of them are movies, both the made money. Both of them had famous people in them one has a very different purpose than the other one. But for me, I don't find like I'm not going to say, well, we're having important discussions on Twitter. I just don't think of it like that. I don't go there for like that. And so, but I realize again Merlin that I'm probably in the minority here. Now, I think a lot of people do take it really seriously. And it may be the fact may be that to to be as successful as possible. I have I will have to be on Twitter, I'll have to be evangelizing onto it or or at least having that account be interactive and responding responding. That's a new word responding to people in these needs to have some kind of a persona to almost there's a required is that how business is done today. I wanna paraphrase something that has I've heard credited to Roger Ebert, and I couldn't put my finger to it now because I can't type on during the show, but something that I've heard attributed to. Roger ebert. Something to do with looking at what a film is about. But also how the film is about it. Right. So I mean, this is I in the rat king of my information about Roger Ebert this feeds into this idea of like how he likes to evaluate every movie kind of on its own terms. Did it succeed at the thing that it was trying to do but phrase circus on I've talked about a lot is like what is this thing about? And how is it about it? And in this instance, I think one way I feel like and again, I'm another old man, I'm gonna even older than you are is that you can look at when you look at a platform that somebody's on you can look at what the what? So he's when you think of the content that somebody's posting somewhere. There is a content. There's the what it's about. But there's also the how is it about it? And I think one thing you say, whether you take Twitter seriously or not this pretty general. But like what I will say is this gets into the persona part is that younger people do seem to have more of a persona that they create and stand behind. That's just I'm the guy that always replies law. All. So for some if like myself like for better for worse. Yes. Sure. Manicuring and trying to like have Typos, and but like in I definitely have a kind of persona someplace, but I'm but I'm the way what it's about. And how I'm about are pretty close to who. I actually am like I don't say that many untruthful things, for example or say things like I'm not like putting up like a finger under my nose. And I like it's a mustache that is me posting that I feel like for some people. The irony is, I guess what I'm trying to get at length is that you may look at this as you don't take Twitter very seriously. But very serious about not taking it seriously. Now, I think the funny thing was some younger folks is that they don't want to admit how effing seriously, they take it. But they're persona is so glib. So like LOL like that you know, what I'm saying? But what is what is you? If you if you post LOL eight hundred times a day. And you're not a bought you're taking very seriously because that's where your time. Casual is you wanna be as as many like, you know, black lady response gypsy wanna post like, however, you decide to be like low key animate icon, sixty nine like, you're taking it seriously in that you are spending a lot of time there, your persona is spending a lot of time there in that case that pursuant is you I think we you, and I may not take very seriously, but we're very seriously serious about on. Seriously. We take it, and I do feel like I don't know if I'm putting this. Well, but I do think that's a distinction. There's a kind of a chronic casualness to the way a lot of people younger than us conduct themselves because they've grown up with it. There's a digital natives part of their life since they were children..

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