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Adam gaze is being reported as his biggest fan in the building by three yards per carry and is seen as if Adam gaze over the past two years has been gaining more and more control and personnel and Evatt engaged loves. Devante Parker and his biggest fan, then he's probably winning that power struggle more often than up. I'm going to start with you house. Will we see the same? Devante parker. We saw against the Houston Texans or was this. That was a or was just outta Mirage? We're devante name was being floated around and he wanted to put on a show for the rest of the Lee. Well, honestly think it's a little bit of both in. I just wanna clarify of a sun that did the film breakdown. You check that out on the Finsider own. But overall, I mean, this is a devante Parker that you thought you were going to get when you draft him with the fourteenth pick in two thousand fifteen draft six reception hundred thirty four yards twenty two point three yards per reception. End that long forty six and it it's hard to sit here and say, whether or not, you know, this is the devante Parker renaissance three of the year because we've seen it throughout his his first several seasons. You know, the injury bug kinda hits him, you know, whether it's nagging hamstring handed shoot, whatever it may be and they just miss his games, you kinda goes away. But I do think a lot of it had to do, you know, Houston's defense their secondary was pretty banged up. I think they lost a couple of guys during that game prior to that game. They were banged up. But at the end of the day, I mean, this is all the dolphins had. They had. Devante parker. You know? Kenny stills was out. Our Wilson's out. Yes. You came grant. You gotta Danny amendola. But but but. What it comes down to is. Devante Parker is at number one wide receiving you song go out there and be dominant. He beat his defensive back. You beat the guy across from just every single time. You just hope that this is more of the devante Parker that we see coming over the next few weeks because his cap it next season if they pick up that fifth year option, I think it's nine million, and that's not a ton of money for guy of his caliber that when he can go out there and make these plays. I think he's every bit worth nine million dollars. When we look around the league. So it's not a surprise Adam gays police misguide because he has a lot of similarities with the Sean Jefferies the Damaris Thomas's at he wants coached. I mean, the injuries are there. Also, I mean to marry Thomas he was one of those guys in Denver that he had the same problem. He was just in and out of the lineup. He had these nagging issues that kept him out, and then Sean Jeffrey to in Chicago. So I think he's one of those players that he sees a lot of those guys in he knows that he can be that game changing number one wide receiver that has offense desperately needs. And you just hope that he can continue to do what he's doing because a. Team wasn't gonna give up on the dolphins wanted. And it was reported as a third round pick whether or not that was true. No one will ever know. But if it was and it does seem that the dolphins according to three yards per carry..

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