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You know, obviously, we we know we're gonna see you, you know, the the full area championship. I know in the past. I mean, we've seen you race in China. We've seen you do some stuff in the UK recently in the W R C. You know, you've been known to even jump in. Jim Khana gritted X games. I mean, obviously rally cross things like that. I mean, you know, any any side events. We may see you on. I mean is there anything left you feel like you wanna accomplish before? I hate to even knees. You know word with you. 'cause I'd like to see you drive until you no longer can but retire what's left for you. I mean what what's out that you'd like to try your hand at? I really still like the idea of some of the roads still wanna we spoke about this. And if you talking, but it's just trying to fit things into schedules. And everything is really tricky the new pun for any rally or any other that this year because you know, we were busy with the rally program and the billion to season quite busy from nine till the end. Yeah. Along with the rallies, we have quite lots of MPR promotional days and Teela is different things. You could go you as raleigh's this mall. Commits to it than just things about in the other weekends so much racist plunged, obviously with the kids racing as well. But it's it's about many free weekends really that. We that we have. So it's it's hard to something that I would look to do around each EP got before tell you when to be difficult with you know, soubra don't have a call this. So for wanting AUSSIE call because regulation. Yeah. I don't really have an interesting Gordon doing rallies in 'cause you know, you just making up numbers. I wanna know. I wanna be there running into fronts. That's gonna try and do. But you know, what I do enjoy. The circus stuff is, you know, I still call myself, not you know, they could change to do something. And like enjoins racing cars. I would really like to try some relics from playing, but it's just. It takes a lot of focus commitment to to win championships into to be the top of any SPO. And I think as soon as you start trying to do it one of the take a little bit the Joe of one all those that they disciplined DOD. So it's not the anyone this humans from one isn't. It's not as easy to keep saying what percent focus that you need really to be the top. Yeah. Well, I do know guy who when you do decide you wanna try the offer stuff happens have trophy tracking some razors stuff in the in the race shop. So anytime you want to try your hand at it. I'm not ready for that. Well, we got keep saying we're gonna do. Unday something. Yeah. I know. It was funny. Just got to see well Jenson Button. He finally finally tried his hand it off road. He came out and raise the mid four hundred last week. And I don't think the results were quite what Jensen wanted. But he had said it was always one of those, you know, he finally retired from Formula one count. Like, you're saying like, you can't you can't really go and trial the stuff you want to when you're a professional. You know, when when you racing, you know for championship. But you know, it's like he finally got to go. And I think he's I think it hooked him. You know, it's just one of those where he had to be the right time to go. And try that stuff, you know. 'cause I think that they need is. Well, you go do something with somebody else. She know that community west you got an injury or you pull a Muslim the buck. And then you have to say, really. Liebau play Notre clus. We can come up do the release. You do you do tackle Trump is the guy way because he spend oversee he's he's he knows how to events and you'd anyway..

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