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Live from NPR news. I'm Nora Rahm. The Senate will not consider a standalone bill passed by the House to increase pandemic relief checks from $600 to 2000. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he might allow consideration if a bill also addresses other objections to the pandemic relief package raised by President Trump. Stocks opened higher this morning as $600 pandemic relief payments began going out. NPR's start, Horsley reports, The Dow Jones industrial average rose more than 150 points in early trading. Stocks were mostly higher overnight in Europe and Asia. London's footsie index rose as authorities in the U. K granted the first emergency green light. Rickover 19 vaccine jointly developed by Oxford University and the pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca. Stocks in the U. S. Slumped on Tuesday after a push to boost pandemic relief. Famous 2 $2000 hit a roadblock in the Senate GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell has tried to saddle the larger payments with other provisions that have less support among Senate Democrats. Boeing shares gained altitude early yesterday but end of the day flat. The jet maker's 7 37 Max plane flew commercial passengers for the first time Tuesday after being grounded for more than a year and a half. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington 41 year old congressman elect to Luke let low of Louisiana has died of covert 19 just days before he was scheduled to be sworn in in Washington. From member station W. O R K F Paul Braun has more but low or Republican first announced you tested positive for covert 19 on December 18th less than two weeks after winning his congressional seat in a runoff election. One day after announcing this diagnosis let Lowe was admitted to a regional hospital in Monroe, Louisiana. He was later transferred to caution her Ellis you health in Shreveport for more advanced care. He died there Tuesday. 41 year old is survived by his wife and two young Children. But low began his career in politics working for former Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. He won the December 5th runoff in Louisiana and was set to take office in January. For NPR News. I'm Paul Braun in Baton Rouge after a marathon session. Argentina approved a law early this morning to legalize elective abortion, becoming the first major Latin American country to do so. NPR's Philip Reeves has more until now, abortions only being committed in cases of rape or where the mothers the mother's life was seriously at risk. This new law makes abortion is legal in the 1st 14 weeks. Supporters of it say that tens of thousands of Argentine women and girls are hospitalized each year because of unsafe underground abortions that more than 3000 women have died in the last few decades. Because this They hope that this'll do a lot to help end that. NPR's Philip Reeves stock prices continue to climb the Dow is now up 160 points the S and P is up 16. This is NPR news Live from KQED News. I'm Kate Wolf. San Francisco's top health officer, says the city is seeing a Cupid 19 surge that could be tied back to Thanksgiving. He is urging people to ring in the New year at home. Public Health director Dr Grant Colfax says it will give few weeks before the city sees the full health effects of people gathering for the holidays. I can't emphasize enough how catastrophic it will be. If people celebrate in ways that we normally do for New Year's Eve, I see you. Bed capacity in the Bay Area is around 10% and coronavirus cases and related hospitalizations are higher than they have ever been during the pandemic. The Alameda County Superior Court is again trying to change the way misdemeanor jury service works. The East Bay Times reports the court is proposing allowing potential jurors to be called tow any courthouse regardless of where they live. Critics say the change will place undue burdens on low income jurors who may have a tough time finding child care and transportation Supporters say it will increase diversity. Felony trials have worked this way for years, and during the pandemic, the misdemeanor trial change was implemented. The proposal would make that permanent. The court system has tried and failed to make the change twice in the last two years. In sports pro hoops The Warriors beat the Pistons once 16 to 1 of six. College football. San Jose State is hosting a virtual Pepe rally today for their undefeated football team. 19th ranked Mountain West champions..

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