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The age of ninety one we have abc's jason nathanson with us this morning for the very latest on first first of all jason good morning and half past overnight it did uh ninety one years old uh how are the playboy mansion surrounded by loved ones who are cold uh no real illness you know trump in a he was suffering from necessarily defied crumb from being ninety one uh nothing that we know of that he was battling necessarily uh survived by his wife crystal on core grown children and crystal that that was the first thing that i looked into was as how long had they been married and that sort of thing they had sort of an onagain offagain relationship before they finally eventually tied the knot a few years ago but then i saw a headline that says crystal hafner gets nothing of in his will is that the case you know i don't know about that what's going on with the will necessarily uh and that's interesting off to look into that uh but you haven't they were married in for two thousand twelve i believe yeah yeah and they said they'd been together for for a couple of years before that like you said it would they were engaged in than that was called off uh just days before the wedding in two thousand eleven but then they eventually did get married into those guo yeah we'll iran i think the story that a red said that she would be taken care of there was like in addition to as well that said she would be taking care of but nothing big like she didn't get a big inheritance but that hafner has four kids is that right yeah poor kids uh the uh the youngest of them were who was running a playboy we could still by the way a billion dollar a year enterprise with all the way centers and logo than the magazine which is pretty twenty countries are still going strong there and of course an icon of los angeles uh the playboy mansion so growing up here in the 80s there were a couple of.

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