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The Saint Louis police officers association, the association did not release the vote counts fit comes two weeks before. Ferguson attorney Wesley bell takes over Saint Louis counties. Prosecuting attorney some Saint Louis county municipal police departments would disappear under a measure coming before the state legislature next year. Here's came Alexis. Phil Brooks with more the measure would require smaller towns of Macau due to disband or police departments. The measure would require those towns to contract for law enforcement services for the county or larger county towns that measure would not take affect for five years cities affected would be those with a population less than five thousand or less than two square miles even before Ferguson for years there've been legislative efforts to address the mirror mode of smaller communities in Saint Louis county from the state capital, Phil Brooks, NewsRadio eleven twenty six Alavi at square building built in eighteen eighty has partially collapsed. Saint Louis firefighters say the rear wall of a vacant three story building Nicholson place, south of Lafayette Park collapsed this morning, Saint Louis fire department says no one was inside at the time. And no one was. Was hurt a working group responsible for improving security and safety on the Metrolink system says it's made significant progress the report boasts of increased police presence and a mutual aid agreements among agencies on both sides of the river to patrol the light rail lines. The transit advisory working group says a four hundred thousand dollar security assessment is nearly complete and should be in the hands of the east. West gateway council of governments early next year. The report also notes a pilot program that ran for a month. This fall to improve fare validation at three stations. Megan Lynch, NewsRadio eleven twenty km elax a woman in south St Louis wants her house back from the people who stole it, Megan panels, tiny house was stolen from an area of gravel and Michigan sometime Friday into Saturday. She built the tiny house for twenty thousand dollars over the course of two years of documented on the Saint Louis tiny living Facebook page since the theft. She's been actively searching for leads one tip led her down. I seventy toward kingdom city today. Saint Louis city police confirmed that a report was made in the investigation is ongoing tiny homes are popular for outdoors. Enthusiasts and for young people who wanna downsize, a pretty nice weather week in store for us. At least for the most part will get an update from Steve Templeton just ahead. Cable ex news time six twelve is.

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