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Tommy, what do we do? But like now you know like he is even aware of his own faults at a point season one and two. It's kind of like he's not even conversation. He has with Linda Linda I'm okay with like I'm doorman. Finally I'm fine with it. Are you like? That that's that's that full acceptance, and that's when I feel like he becomes more okay to like the viewer being like okay, you're that okay. You know I know we all know we're. We're all okay. yeah, and it. It does from quite a bit. That's all. It focus him. Oh, you're still raged machine, but he can point it, but there's like this scrawny assed of the of the shelby's hey. Rap is fought scrap against the man. Yeah, they do till we get choked. Something that really stuck out to me throughout? This whole series was Dislike the spirituality with morality mixing with ethics mixing with like real world. Like circumstance of of like. He has that Sapphire. He takes to Madame Valona. I think it is one of the. She's like you want me late. I yeah, and he's like it's all he's like it's it's all a joke anyway, but I need you to say basically. She said that I. Can I survive it in my bones and he's like. New just like leaves and just watching. Watching. How like spirituality! Mental illness. And like. Ethical! Things are all mixing in. This show is just so nobody's. Well I mean it's really well written that nobody is above fault and right anybody's fault in some ways some way, shape or form. Tommy is almost that sense of I can carry all of the guilt so that no one else has to so like in the beginning of the episode one where they had the off the friend who has like. DEBILITATING PTSD, an accident he was being yeah kills, and then like you see him that he's the angel mercy at the same time. The brain packet and on the. Same thing with. With a sniper boy NC's. and so it's there's a sense where he's like. He's also fighting those same battles, but somehow he keeps you in those daily battles. He keeps coming up on top. Where other people do not and he has to carry that weight of everybody. You get these glimpse of the of his humanity who he used to be before the war, and we see that picture of him with his first wife. And even killing Murphy was talking about it. He was like you know Tommy. Was this guy who believe in communism and believed in in the betterment of workers and people and smiled, laughed a lot, and he was a romantic and he's you get. With, grace, you get to see that side of him like that dance. They have where he's smiling and they're in love or or when. On their wedding day or all that kind of stuff when you get to see these these parts of him so that when you see these other sides of him of like blinding people with a hat you're just like. There is there is something else behind it like unlike Arthur most of the time where it's kind of just like dude come. It's the well written by Roenick. character is the. That history of not only looking out for his family, but looking out for the little guy as well in that scene, where where the where Lucas chasing him through the apartment complex, and making sure that everyone stays down, stay safe pulling that old lady and be like stay here. Don't move. It's. It's really like I said I think he's one of the most complicated characters we've seen. On TV in quite some time, and it's fascinating to watch. Not only him rise, but unravel at the same time, and you know this Murphy said that like Tommy Shelby is like such a difficult character to play because he's so Austin. Yeah right all day, but if you don't get the Guy, who understands how to play it, it's not work, and you know who the they wanted it I right. So Steven night before he did. People directed a film called Redemption and I've talked about this show. This movie, a lot and I fucking love this movie and it's about a vet who has ptsd. WHO's homeless and. After a night where he defends some someone game beat up he? He gets D- her, and then he breaks into a flat, and then the people who live not flat are GonNa be gone for three months, and he rehabilitates and gets back on his feet, and he finds redemption and falling in love with this none. and. That is played by Jason Statham. And, even night wanted see Jesus in a Tommy. Shall we have first? And I was like mocking crazy to think about it, and it would have been such a different character but like I think was like Stephen. I was like I didn't think that Kilian Murphy was going to be that good and I think he says like you have to remember like killing I'm I'm still human jill. Tommy Shelby. Dan. That's really cool. Yeah. I was going to say. Oh! I lost it. I did like the the nod to being Kilian Murphy. I think it's what. season. Around season, four and season for. The scarecrow Oh yeah, in the scene. With fucking Charlie. Charlie comes running onto the new year. Olds out and you're like. Oh, no ono! Seeing him try to step where he stepped in the mud before because he made it out daily. I was holding my breath. That's what I don't know. Have you wouldn't? Actually think my ultimate favorite part is dialogue read by Kilian Murphy four time shelby and it's I don't know he's talking to, but it's by the time. He has his house so at least by season two. And I. Don't if it's at the end I think is..

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