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We are live from dallas texas and iheartmedia as well as km km et in southern california on abc news. Talk junior how you doing. Did you have a good weekend. Oh my gosh. I had such a good weekend. It was so much fun. It was great all around such good mood today. Yeah yeah well. I got into a little bit of bad mood having business discussions. This business doesn't have to be. It should be fun but a lot of times you can get in town but but no and the bills won last night and over the weekend up another w column now and i'm excited about the rest of the football season. It's so different than it used to be. But you know have you thought about what the super bowl will be like I i did. But i don't know i i think just in general the nfl is totally changed and but as of tv viewer do you really notice it though like because they still pump in the crowd noise and stuff you know if if if the bills are in the super bowl. I'm going where. I'm going to miami party out of the back of a truck. I'm definitely going to be within with. I'm going to be in that energy zone. Well the the good thing though miami florida's pretty open kind of texas. So they do allow people in their stadium. There's social distancing and stuff. I actually just got back. He went to a dolphins game and he said you know he was in the stands with a bunch of people. Yeah he said it was a totally different. 'cause they were doing the social distancing and stuff like that so then a completely different field but still fun. I mean it's still football right still football and i'm telling you i had. I had such a great time cheering on the bills last night and as everyone does feel that way about their team and that's one of the reasons i think football is so important. It's a part of our society. It really is. It's a part of our country and if you don't get it. I'm sorry a really anyway. We've got such a great show coming up today. Cyndi o'meara is at the half. She's incredible she's been on the show many many times before. She's an internationally acclaimed nutritionist author and documentary maker. She made she made the documentary with weed. It's incredible and it's all. She's coming in from australia so she two or three in the morning there and so it'll be fun to have around the show over there and it's summer there like football. What are you talking but you know this is going to be a great show for this reason. To one of my favorite people truly one of my favorite people on the planet. Stephanie tubes is with us today. She is a consumer advocate professional particularly focused on safety food and personal care products. She became fascinated with the industry when she was diagnosed with thyroid autoimmune disorder while pregnant with their second child and she has always been fascinated with education and holds both an undergraduate and a master's degree in accounting and finance from texas am university. She's also a certified public accountant and amazing photographer and is owned and operated numerous businesses and the dallas area. You can follow her on instagram. At top tube turvy. That's t. o. U. p. s. y. t. v. y. I'll get it out right so good to have you with us. How you doing stephanie. I'm good so nice to talk to you. It's been so long. I i know i've got a dolly parton mug that i've been carrying around in the back of my subaru for months that i found it a little store aback months ago that i have to get to you. Maybe i'll do grit santa drop off and drop off some some goodies for the kids too. But it's really great to have you on the air and for everyone. That's never heard stephanie. Before you're in for a treat. She's incredible she is and she's also a beauty counter representative and today. We're talking about the importance of self care. And i can't think of anyone better to talk with us about besides you stephanie. So let's let's start with this. How do you define self care now. That's a great question. And i feel like up. Here is one of those buzz. Words that is popular right now and get thrown around a lot but for me it's really Part of it is the relationship and connections itself. So it means you're tuned to when you understand what you need to be your most constructive effective and authentic selves so rather than like defining is just maybe a physical health component which is obviously a really important piece of the equation. We wanna pay attention to a wider set of criteria which includes the mind and the emotions relationships time and resources. So it's really a much broader kind of Open what we generally think about when we talk about self care. Yeah and i think being in tune with your body and your mind is so important. I it's so so important But but also what's really important is to make time for self care every day right. Stephanie yes it really is and so you know one of the things that's important and what people are seeing more and more especially as we've gone through kobe you know how we self-care into into the workplace there into the work day Because things have become sort of nebulous in that you know if you're in a work from home situation or Whatever it is like there's not as much separation between your workday in your personal life and so figuring out a way to work that felker into your work day every single day or into your personal and just kind of making it. A component of what you do. Every single day is is is has become more important as we work through the time period that we're in. Yeah i wanna bring. I wanna bring junior into the mix. Because he's he's a dude. Okay when you think about you are and you know guys when you think of self care usually thinking about women painting their toenails or facial right or going for a walk but men seem to kind of get left out of the mix. Would you agree with that stephanie. And junior well. How do you feel about that. Well i mean for me. Yes i feel like a lot of times You know when you even self care. Products are always focused on women. But you know since. I've grown out my beard. I think i've noticed that more stuff for self care for men. Because i had to start buying products for my beard so then i started seeing things so there are things out there you know but just i just don't think that it gets promoted as much I guess but you know really for me. I guess the only care thing. I actually do is take care of my beard. Yeah you do. You have a big beard. What do you do to your beard. Well into they sell beard products a lot of them. That you know of stephanie. That Like beauty counter example. Do they sell beard products. Yeah i think beard product as the whole facial hair. You know as the as i call it. Like the woodcutter movement has come back. You know those really full gear. My husband's got one right now to Yeah there are a lot more like beard. Oil beard conditioners that are out there Yeah there's a lot more of that now is that has become a is has become popular but you know you guys were touching on something. That's really important that when we think it self care we think specifically of like products about product or something like that but when you talk about it truly.

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