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Rachel Martin and I'm Steve Inskeep many parents Chater while wondering if schools will open this fall is it safer schools open and what on earth to do if they don't even before that moment of decision parents face choices about summer camp NPR's tovia Smith reports of some overnight camps contend they may be able to operate safely this summer it's hard in any context but as many see yet the idea of social distancing at sleepaway camp is preposterous posted by blogger came to court last summer shows campers sleeping and literally rolling around together little wonder some sleepaway camps have already surrendered today we found out that there will actually be no camp this year it makes me sad eleven year old Maddie princess camp is her happy place you don't have any technology and it's really easy to just forget all of your worries and I love being with my friends and I would argue that kids need camp this summer more than ever before Dana harden is president of camp group which runs thirteen overnight camps from Maine to Michigan that are still hopeful they can open harden says it may be just what the doctor ordered for kids after months of isolation and anxiety and she says kids may actually be safer from infection at overnight camp we are looking at this like we are the castle our kids are going to enter the castle and we are going to pull up the drawbridge and we will be our isolated community for camps that open that would mean no field trips know visiting days no socials are sports tournaments with other camps and in camp activities would change for example games like tag we're not going to be invoked this summer Tom Rosenberg head of the American camp association says expect no contact activities instead also constant disinfecting more distancing for eating and sleeping and campers would be split up into smaller units these would be like families where are within that family they will be able to socialize someone normally but between the family circles there will be physical distancing and.

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