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Were like the number one in my life. I would never, ever disrespect to throw a club at a caddy or do something like that. And the fact that he kind of threw me under the bus like that, pissed me right off. So one of the wussification of pussy of pussycat is the guy that I had, which pissed me off. But I have a great relationship with the people at whisper rock. You know, and I played there. I played there four times this year already. And everybody is really great to me and awesome and I'm a little bit more subdued on the golf course now than I used to be. So maybe, you know, Kaiser changing for me. Yoga. I met a buddy or something. I had a real real quick. But I did get a bad rap on my whisper rock stories that people tell. Kind of like how I get them. And by the way, it's at this love at how everybody wants to talk about me and tell their own versions of stories about my life without asking me first. And, you know, whatever. I was a jumbo Joe, big jumbo about two weeks ago, having dinner down to Florida. And he said, you know what the biggest question that I got when I got here to Florida? You know what the number one question that all my teammates asked me is what was it like being teammates with JR? And on my fear kidding, it was like, no, everybody wants to know what it was like being a teammate with Jay. I'm like, what the fuck does the obsession with me? I'll tell you why there's no guys in the league like that anymore who just kind of let it fly and I think the league drastically misses different types of personalities and I was actually going to ask you in segue. Did you have a question beforehand? Oh, it was just a quick one. Sorry, we'll get back to this, but I met your buddy last night, Craig, he's buddies with talking and he said I had to ask you, did you catch a rattlesnake and then drive home with it in your car holding it the whole time? Yep. Yeah, so I have a couple of I had like three or four rattlesnake snores from whisky. Because he carried it, while driving with one hand, he was holding with the other hand the whole time. So the first one I had I was playing a big money match and I was on the 13th hole and I'm down. I think I'm down like 2500 bucks. And I have a double press going to par 5. Ten, 11, 12, 12 par 5 going up the hill. It's an upper whisper rock. And I'm just like, I'm flailing, right? I'm just not in my zone. And I need to win this hole, and we're walking up the fairway. And I'm way behind because I'm I had to get something to eat or went to the bathroom. And there's a rattlesnake that was coming across the fairway. And I was planning to get a couple of guys and I picked the rouse makeup on the fairway. And I started running towards the guy I was playing and he turned around and saw me and he saw, I had to stake in my hand. And the look of death came over his face. And if you ever would have seen a 200 and 75 pound guy do like the 50 yard dash in 3.2 seconds, and you screaming, he's screaming like a bitch. Literally, I chased him up the fairway. He gets to his next shot and he's literally, he's shaken. He can't even move. And I win the next three or four holes and end up catching up because I chased him with a snake you so flustered he couldn't even play with him. Send them November. And then the one I was actually walking out to my car and the rattlesnake was in the parking lot. So again, I pick it up and it wraps around my arm and I have it have them right tucked in and I only live like two miles from the course and I said I wanted to scare my wife with it so I drove home so I'm holding the snake and I'm driving home and I go into my into my house with the snake and my wife's making the bed and I said hi, I brought someone home I brought a friend home for lunch. I hope you don't mind and I put the snake right next to her. And if you ever seen someone jump and clamp her nails and feed into the ceiling and she, I had to sleep and I had to sleep in the guest room for two nights, she was so mad at me. My last story is like you guys, you guys know which Barack when you come out of the grip men's grill. There's a little walkway to the parking lot. Well, as I came out, there was a big bull snake, like a massive bull snake. Now, they're not poisonous. They're just big. And I picked up the bull snake and I brought it into the men's grill. And Vinny del Negro was having breakfast by himself. He was sitting at the table. And I went behind him and I let the snake, I put it on his shoulder and the snake crawled up right here while he was eating breakfast. And he jumped. The whole table, the whole breakfast, flew over, and he ran into the bed's locker room, and again, with a screech that you would never forget that came out of a grown man's mouth. I thought he was going to have a total heart attack. But yeah, I like that. Well, that led into that led into a few lines. I was going to ask you, who are the current day players if you're following the NHL still that excite you on and off the ice maybe with their personality? With their personality, I don't know, I can't think of any either. I mean, I got to think about that one. I mean, are you still watching a good amount of hockey? I don't watch, I don't watch hockey very often. I bet on it all the time. So I more watch it on the ticker rather than watch it live. So I know who's scoring. I know when they're scoring, I know what's happening. I mean, I think the product is really good. I think it's that they're skating, the talent is unbelievable. I don't think it's as.

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