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We have a good touch peterson the number of tweets we've got impact impact changes smoke detector got up pat's decay gear that ninevolt battery protest just looking out for him we're looking out for him now for me you know it's it's it's difficult sometimes you're walking around the house if echoes lillard air i think it's very impressive that he or what look i mean his his his job is job is to is to have his head on a swivel see understands have every area covered as you gotta 230 shutdowns latter situation at has great alganov in awhile this have been homeless along its batteries a run out and you wouldn't have that problem if he were here in studio what's with quarterbacks we are we atrache drake kirk patrick one time air let's call non with these quarterbacks they're on an island eyes when we're back your by the way i keep on trying to put this my glasses on and they keep now opening up when i not creating a good situation for myself very you're getting old goma because when we thought mary catches your mary richards plus one you want me to keep a real twenty four seven sometimes i want you to learn a great you look great thanks mike they'll twofold you are welcome my grandma i get into the microbes hit into the microphone and brainderived we'll wrap up the show and set up the rest of the week in a moment here on the show.

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