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Days. Where's our where's our Cobra Daytona? Where's where shelby? Where's the picture of shelby? And he's like. I don't know where they got that. I don't know what they were doing. I don't know where it came from because stopped on a random screen grabs most likely publicity blessed or the third party to. Whoever's selling it to Netflix I doubt Nate Delta wreck? Maybe he did but I'm saying he there's probably some publicity or pr are someone who picked up the now. It's I thought maybe it's automatically generated very unlikely because what are the chances they're just going to get if it's automatically randomly generated. What's the chances netflixing ended up on a blurry image of a car or a transition? No I don't think there's no that someone picked that. I doubt very much. It was Netflix. Anyone that ten thousand jobs I don't know. Is there a possibility that they have a whole bunch of still right which they do different publicity for whatever and this one said Aaron Shelby. Because that's Aaron I gotTa Answer. Is Aaron finished. My thought because we're always said this is Aaron Shelby internal note right. Ah picture of Aaron Shelby and all all the people who don't know shit about cars saw shelby American. Oh this is a picture of the guy. Shelby American yeah. Here you go netflix. I the question is who provided it because now you gotTa Call Nate Person. Where where this? How did we arrive on this shot anyway? And if values Aaron Shelby. I wouldn't be thrilled about that picture for the guy who was all first off. Nothing kind are as nate said. It was in in a world where he parks sports cars and does lighting and makes everything in the background. Look cool this is our weakest one and it was driving so anyway for the guy who was all gratitude view going dots all week. Every time I turn it on it would just be Aaron shelving this this is not enticing. People to and I was looking at all the other ones like World War Two and color and all these all these big shiny explosions and they all had ed the poster of the thing that they were doing and the like we did not. So yes Dr Max Fateh. Sorry A so. I just talked to nate and I said hey nate. How did they get that? Still image on net flicks of Aaron shelving goes Oh. It's from the documentary. That's just amazing. He's headed literally yelled at him in his office. You know what I said I said to him I said this morning I was like. Hey we dropped on Netflix. How'd that that that boost our sales for BLU rays and DVD's and he was like you WanNa WanNa what about Netflix? I'm like I'm not going to talk anymore. I just said I said it's super go ahead. Go ahead and understand what I said. It's easy yeah. He's on a conference call right now trying to get to it so I just let them more think about it. The leader in the clubhouse is there's some PR person at some third party hoop represents dozens if not hundreds of films would needed something for shelby. American saw still that was labeled Aaron. Shelby was like here you go. Oh Yeah I don't know I really have no I sang. Its positive didn't rotate. It certainly isn't glamorous. Oh a by any stretch Gretchen man. It's not whatever you're looking for out of that tile Italian polling you and I'm looking at the World War Two and colors a long up and stuff and I was going going out of my mind because of all scrolling through all these great greatly percents whatever's and we had a white guy sitting on a folder talking. The toolbox and I was like I was going nuts. Yeah I get it now if this was a documentary about say I don't know a guy who killed his entire family and and put them in different barrels. You want to see a shot of the murderer murderer. He looks like a nice guy they did have the guy the face of evil or whatever they do that but even that is you know. There's artistic lights light alternate just sitting. There Yap crashed. I wonder how this stuff I why why who what and I yelled at eight the entire time because it hasn't been updated. Oh No I know. It's got updated to a shelby. Shelby striving shelby's driving a acid Martin in that picture. Let me guess because it looks like it's someone's watched half of it. Lynette watched bickering and not you correct. Oh I see that I watched bicker. I love that guy got you what. He's sorry because he does his interviews and he's he's like women have accused used you're right. They should be lucky they should be buying sperm from me. He did say that they they are. They should be lining up so I can can Bust the nuts in there. We've like it's crazy. That guy got us to find that guy. I can't take my eyes off. Because of his grandiosity acidy there's something something to behold that I find so compelling about insane grandiosity and also in a world where everyone is distancing syncing themselves from everything hinges lean and writing and that thing man. You'll see that. Yeah so I watch about half that. Yeah give if you do go to Netflix and and you do enjoy it give it a thumbs up at it helps them on rotten tomatoes or whatever. IMDB or wherever wherever you like but only if you enjoy. It's always the caveat tiff don't then then don't or give it a thumbs down all right. Let's see a bunch of notes. It was Making a Brian you went to Disneyland. Did how was that. What happened was for the listeners? Out of the tallest Adams going to New York for no safe spaces like oh oh great rusty and I have been talking about taking tests at Disneyland and then the trip got canceled but we had already booked the whole thing and so Adams said fun and we did. We had a great time. We took Tessa and and at this age. She's just turned three right so she's three in two months and she's all about the characters she also doesn't care about rides. It's all about the character it. It is easy so it's easy because I was showing Gina. Puerto Disneyland is high tech now. They have fully embraced the APP their APP and you can you can see where the characters are at at any given moment where they are. What characters are there and that was super helpful because Tessa wanted to meet her list was the list on Elsa from Rosa Parks? Of course Mrs Incredible we met in Alaska girl either. There's only giving pictures there. Buzzed Light Year Jesse Spiderman Sheila. She loves the Spiderman. We came out last year. WHO's Jesse Jesse from twice? Sorry Cowgirl cowgirl right I guess that Holly Hunter Hunter I think yeah. Oh that's interesting question. Tinkerbell she loves goofy. She was asleep for their favorite one uh-huh and the Princess Palace Snow White Ariel Cinderella Belle guest on guest on. She was afraid of she. Because he's the bad guy I and she covered is is. You don't WanNa see him and Moulana favorite and the best part about all these. The people characters right the faces with masks right. They are so well trained. They're like actors who were on for like six hours a day and they have to know the back story out of all these movies. Like where's Maui. Whereas the heart of defeat see you know and talk to her all these? Mary poppins has to tell you to have a jolly holiday. All those this things. We walked thirty thousand steps because we did the Park Hopper Pass Back wore out my feet. The smart couple smart moves who made character breakfast because we have to have breakfast anywhere. I were down there at breakfast anyway. So we did the character breakfast where Donald and daisy and many and stitch from loans. They're all there and they all got spend some time to the bill about. It's not like you're in line and you're waiting tables the AP or whatever and and then the other good move lunch which was kind of mediocre but the lunch we got gave us a A pass to like watch. The parade reserved area as worth every Penny Johny. Because there's a dog watch the parade feet away. No one in front of us. Is it the Christmas parade or starting November eight so we really wanted to go in this. You know this window of time to see all the Christmas carrick. When tested passed out and took a nap we We stopped at Hudson Bourbon. A California adventure. It was fantastic. Good how long we we therefore Full Day we went down. Thursday nights spent the night at the Marriott across the street. We had like a free night award or whatever and eight. AM walked to a character breakfast. Justin did the whole thing man. We still like eleven o'clock at night as a warrior she would the fireworks. You know what I mean like nine o'clock and then we did prior to the CARIBOO align. It was a great right well. She terrified on pirates of the test is kind of a tank just don Jr kept reminding herself out lodge like it's all pretend like yes yes it is yes yes it is. Let me let me give you a backhanded compliment cubic. I'll take it. I've said all the time in in the automotive world there to numbers you measure you measure horsepower. People go. How much horsepower does that car have There's there's two ways to measure it. There's to the crank as I say to the flywheel and then there's to the rear wheel and you can have eight eight hundred horsepower to the flywheel. But if you're not really getting it scrubbing a lot off to the rear wheel. Then you're not really going fast. I don't like the scone and now our I don't do I don't so I is. It measured in okay so power. I have a high horse power family. We don't get anything that everyone just plops around all day I yell at the TV set. I scream at the imagery. Netflix thing doesn't work. And then the guy from grub hub screwed up the order and then everyone's pissed off and that's it so Bryan does not have the horsepower. I have right. But he's got a lot. The percentage to question is this is not really about how much torch power is percentage. You could have one hundred horsepower. Engine and if you're getting eighty five horse power to the rear wheels. You're doing well. Yeah if you have eight hundred horsepower. And you're getting five hundred to the rear wheel. It's abysmal. You're you're you're failing. You're doing something wrong. Something is being scrubbed off something. Something is whatever so it's kind of about efficiency and not so much and it is true that the car that did have the five hundred horsepower to the rear wheel would be the one with eighty five but it's wildly inefficient. Making the most of what you have. Brian gets more to the rear wheels than his flywheel is putting out which is unheard. It's mathematically impossible here. We are if I was looking at the dino readout for his life. I'd be like this. I'd be like in one of those climate emmett movies for professors. Also Gentlemen Gentlemen. We've never seen this kind of number. That's what I would say about your life. That's good. I was glad they. They really train their people while like they're on brand all the time like frozen to came out the day we did it and Tesla's lace obsessions frozen. We told her we ever rule. I you can have. You can get three things if you want everything right I want that I want Thatta that you're gonNa have to three things and she wanted three frozen dolls and I had that with my parents except for it wasn't at Disneyland. Check the seventies all right..

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