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Really only run that they legitimately knocked him with a hit and it's good for first based on what it ended up being a single so so anyway at a meeting and the nationals they win a ballgame whether offense didn't do anything all night long didn't do a thing yep well I want to take Megan brown from our PR department she and her husband James they had a baby Jacob Jake brown born on August first we watch Megan a little larger every week her first baby our first child so congratulations and origination were very fond of may go so if you wanna make Jake brown yep subject on is our player we give credit to for showing up on time actually chicken little early he will or he was he was saying there was a get out of here they're they're not scoring runs I got to get out I can be appreciated the company really absolutely sponsored by redwood credit union banking for the people call this place home switch today redwood credit union for all that you love I tie number what's on deck sponsored by the California for dealers the thing then I'm certainly not saying that the giants players and I'm sure that they didn't but you start thinking about well we miss sure is we miss Corbin we mistrust bird so that this means that this is going to be a little bit better right not always so tomorrow time to score some runs I said that the boat you before the game is is a I don't ever say that any any pointed out the the the game with the cubs the last game of the homestand the previous owners that we're Jon Lester was a late scratch and Tyler general and a chat with the jets got nothing chat with you I think this story they probably did better against lesser than they did against chat with I think so we couldn't worse again so and then they then they have the giants announced to is between a man as soon as is the government has all right looking forward there anyway that's what's on deck sponsored by the California for dealers no one else can bring it like the F. one fifty with best in class towing and payload there's just one reason why the F. series is America's best selling truck forty two years running just got highlights I think he does right after this it's August.

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