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Talk about both creek have women's sports, come up to this level, and I want to say about time, right time 'cause great things have been happening for years. And no one to watch. Right. You have to put it on a pedestal and here it is. And it's too bad. It's every fourth year that, that we're talking about it, but they're awesome to watch. I just love it. Love hearing, the entire ESPN side of the office screen all day today. Vote what's going on? Yeah, that was. Exactly. Thank you. That was Matt Johnson voice of this Yeltsin's. Thank you for joining us on the Kenny MacIntyre show. Absolutely. All right. Tracy hopefully. Well, that was good news about the about the US women's team. Probably not such good news now. Gosh, no anybody that's going from Lacey. Heading into Olympia. You're gonna run into pretty good lineup from Marvin road, all the way down to just past specifically at some earlier issues. Those have now cleared its left us with that lineup. So if we're driving through the Nisqually river basin, you're going to find some slowing on northbound I five right around mounts road, and it continues pretty much off and on up to the main gate, but the southbound five commute continues to struggle outside of five twelve all the way down and pastor joint base. Lewis mcchord here in Seattle. Couple of things that are slowing us down that northbound five drive you're gonna hit the brakes just a bit after one forty fifth in shoreline. We have two reports of some earlier issues there one forty fifth and seventeenth northeast. Looks like that has now cleared out of the way they're still working on fourth avenue south out near Holgate. That's blocking a lane drivers are still running into a big lineup on that. Northbound five commute from the Boeing freeway all the way up to steer up five to eight Marysville. There was reports of. Crash on the Boeing freeway out near evergreen. I'm not finding it there, but I definitely if you're around that area and you've stopped a new parked in. You're no longer in traffic. We tweet at me or at least text me at nine eight nine seven three and confirm the situation your backups on north on four zero five continuing to Kirkland up to bottle. I'll tell you why coming up after headlines at five thirty three traffic brought to you by in McLean casinos. C-pap Benetton, Neil Giraldo emerald Queen July twenty six forty th anniversary tour, Pat Benetton, only at the emerald Queen casino, the entertainment capital of the northwest. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm.

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