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Will you qualify because you have a men's u s open in a women's u s open and a women's division of wimbledon and a men's division in wimbledon it's qualified by the very sports yukon has a women's demon immense team there qualifying it john mcenroe doesn't have anything to do with qualifying it's qualified by legislation the women's world cup players get paid this much in the men's get paid this much i don't think it's sexists that men are paid more 'cause they simply draw more commerce i don't think that's anti women in fact i think you could make an argument that women's tennis of all the sports probably should be paid fairly comparably or more than men's tennis based on certain events so that's my take away intent means a lot i don't think mcenroe tried to be a jerk i also think that that reporter at the way that she was trying to phrase it as if you qualify things men and women than a woman could never be the greatest ever because physically yes women are different than men and what she was trying to say i think was she could be the greatest of all time and if you continue to qualified literally a woman could never be the great us and it is all relative so if you look at her and her body of work she could be the greatest of all time but i don't think she means that necessarily as she could beat all the other men players it's a relative men's tennis women's tennis she's the greatest of all time because there has to be a way that women can be the greatest and if you leave it that way a woman could never be the greatest will if again.

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