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But it seemed to me that that chargers game was was a tough one because they're perhaps the best team in football or they've been playing like that. And yet, you guys had them, you know, and it may work out that you see them again in the first round the way things are shaping up. The chargers could be paying a visit the Heinz field is that something you want is D one another shot at that team based on the matchup. We won't allow another shot at a lot of teams. But. You know, we got a get there. I I'm not gonna look over any of these next two teams. But we do going to chance it would be a nice game. We didn't finish first them. And that's going to sit with us for a while. And we'll have to move on from there yet is interesting and then the other one that's looming. Is you might see the bulk birdies for a third time this year with Lamar Jackson now under center full-time. It's remarkable stuff. Are you are you able to are you seeing focused on the Pittsburgh Steelers? Ordeal. Enjoy putting your feet up on with these Saturday games and Monday night games. And and seeing what else is going in pro football. I'll tell you what my feet are never put up. I'm really just focused on what the Steelers are doing and just trying to make sure we're taking care of our business. Yeah. Well, we know your feet or never put up because not for the work, you're doing in pro football. But for the great work, you're doing around, Pittsburgh and beyond the Hayward house. We appreciate it. The great words were meaningful after what happened to tree a life six eight weeks ago, a great citizen, a great a great member of the Pittsburgh community. Cam Hayward best healthy you great success. Have a good time down there and Nola have a happy holidays, and hopefully we'll get to see play out there in January coming up here. Yes, sir. And happy holidays to you and your family and go.

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