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Twitter feed at Spain. If it's at sarahspain at Jason one Gough, let us know what you think about Russell's video in which quarterback, you would least or most like to see make one of those not for the reason that you want them signed, but the video itself Louis Riddick ESPN NFL front office inside can absolutely do this voice. And I think he just doesn't naturally he was on get up this morning and talked about the Seahawks deal. Think about how you want to win football games. You don't mess around with a guy. Like Russell Wilson who even Becton thirteen and fourteen was a big part of your success. So if you wanna go ahead and take the airgun route as I like to call it and say, hey, look, you know, what we can always dress another quarterback and then execute philosophy. You know, we'll have a young quarterback on a rookie contract. And then pay everybody else, and we'll be great because that's the model that works right now. Go ahead. But I think they realized that look we don't wanna mess around with. What is obviously the most important is this makes you sports. We heard maybe a rumor that the giants might be look into bring in Russell, and he might wanna play their Seahawks put that to bed real quick. And as far as any other team as much as C essentially gave them a deadline and threatened to leave Adam Schefter said basically, no one else was in a position to get him. Not that there's no other team that could use him. He's great. But to have to give up what you'd need to for a trade. And then pay him the way that the Seahawks just did wasn't realistic. He's one of the very few guys in the NFL. That's the cure all like, he can cure so many ails on your football team. I've said statistically since he came in the NFL. They have the worst performing offensive line in the NFL yet. They've won ten games every year he's been there. But one, and that's when they went nine games. So he's got more completions two guys that have been undrafted. Then drafted he's done more with less than any quarterback in the NFL since he's come to league. Now, that's Danner Lobski. He was on this morning with Golic and wingo and said the things about Ross that make him great are also the things that can make him hard to protect. So some of the numbers that you see number of sacks. He's taken etc. Are exacerbated at times by his mobility in the fact that it's hard to know when he's gotten rid of the ball, and when he's freelancing back there. But Paul hembo, tweeted out since twenty twelve in his career Russell Wilson pressured the highest in the NFL hit on pass plays the most in the NFL worst line pass protection rate. And yet he's still started. All. One hundred twenty five games including the playoffs and leads all NFC quarterbacks with Eighty-three wins. This is a guy who gets it done and. He is Seattle football. He's made a worldwide brand Steve large Cortez. Kennedy guys like that legends before him Seattle is an actual NFL brand because of Russell Wilson. And of course, the legion of boom, you gotta sign your quarterback when we get into this later gospel talk about the way that this might affect other quarterback deals, and maybe we'll play that sound coming up Red Sox Yankees square off for the first time this season. And for the Anke is the injuries continue to pile up. We'll get into it next benefits. Spain and Fitz Spain fence sarahspain Jason gov. Filling in for Fitz on ESPN radio the SPN apps, Sirius XM channel eighty presented by progressive insurance Jona Kerry.

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