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Your big day everybody in your listeners as well and maybe get through this thing a little quicker rather than later stories you are talking about there's a full moon where they may I think it should be an individual file and everything in between making court of us he's active directory the American lung association people are looking for resources resource for people newsradio WTMJ to believe is more than just technology in that Jesus is risen from the dead it includes that but there's more it's about where you lay your fears and where you rest your concerns has to do with what gets your attention with what gets you Dr Michael Ziggler this week on the Lutheran hour to Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty WTMJ now more than ever where you get your news matters start your day with the fax this is America's first news this morning with Gordon deal but with us on this Good Friday British prime minister Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care where he spent two nights in a row earlier this week after entering the hospital last Sunday for a week and a half you've been unable to shake the effects of coal with nineteen more from this morning's my cabin Downing Street said the fifty five year old Mister Johnson yesterday was moved from intensive care to a ward at St Thomas's hospital in London and was an extremely good spirits it was a bright spot for a country that's watching its death toll approach eight thousand and still facing several more weeks under lockdown the pressure to reopen the economy is immense by one measure restrictions have triggered the largest contraction in Britain since nineteen twenty one meanwhile Foreign Secretary Dominique ram has given no timetable for the prime minister's returned to work cordon thanks Mike Mister rob deputized by Mr Johnson to carry out his duties so the government would not lift restrictions on April thirteenth the date the prime minister had initially set block down now appears likely to last several more weeks officials in Scotland and Wales offered similar time tables.

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