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There's <hes> Peter Singer in an animal liberation. If you want to look for the the moral thing you know if someone was to ask me. Are you doing veganism for the health or for the ethical morality to animals I would say my first reason is for the animals nmls. I will not be party to the death of an animal for no reason for me to eat something. That actually makes me. Unhealthy doesn't make any sense if I had to eat meat to survive that would be a different matter but we don't need to eat meat and it's not healthy. The World Health Organization has said that it is in fact a class one carthage process meat and red meat is a class to carthage on you want cancer eat process beat. That's what they're saying World Health Organization now you may Poop who the World Health Organization and stuff like that that's fine. I mean you welcome to you know disagree but again you know Dr Gregor has the evidence if you're interested in the evidence if you're not that's that's fine too. <hes> I for me the documentary that really spoke to me as what the health <hes>. I thought that that was excellent on you know just nailing it as far as the evidence and <hes> well rounded showing you what you know. The meeting actually does so but I went too far into that whole process so go ahead and it here creating a religion. I hope that you enjoyed this episode. If you have any suggestions for a future episode of you think there's a particular topic that I should address. I would more than like <hes> more than appreciate you drop me a line at Jay at j Nelson Forest Dot Com. You can also ask any questions that <hes> on that email..

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