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And I love Americans Get it as well. Real real quick. Sorry. You're right. But this was this was May 18th 2021 so one month ago today One month three days ago. Med Med Rx Ivy. This is published out there, Right. This is article. Um This is again from the Yale Yale University. I mean, it's all there Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory out of Long Island. It says Mask, mandate and use efficacy and state level covid 19 containment and it says right here. Um They tested masks. Randomized controlled trials have not clearly demonstrated mask efficacy against respiratory viruses, it says, right. I mean, that's the thing that the Denmark study proved it or whatever. So they can censor. We calculated the total covid 19 case growth and mask use for the content. The United States data from the CDC. The estimated post mask mandate case growth in non mandate states. They look at all this stuff and the results were this case growth was not significantly different between mandate and non mandate states at low or high transmission rates. Surgeons were equivocal, meaning it's a virus. It's gonna virus mask use predicted lower case growth at low But not high transmission rates. So mask use predicted it predicts that growth rates were comparable between states in the first and last mask use Quintiles Masked mask use did not predict summer 2020 case growth for non Northeast states or fall winter 2020 growth for all continental states. Conclusions, mask mandates and use are not associated with slower state level covid 19 spread. Containment requires future research implementation, blah, blah, blah, so I can't do it. And yet he's like You know, we followed the science and the science said Mass didn't work. Then it said it did. What science said That? Was it somebody named Bill Science? You know, I said, Bill, I know a guy right? Listen, Bill. Science. Yeah, nice science is not even a scientist. But the matter I said, my name is Bill. I'll go. Last name Science. I say mass work and go. Boom. Science says mass work. Boom. Bada Bing. I got my scratch. So that's vouching for you. And then how do you believe anything The CDC says, right? We have kids. Unfortunately, dropping dead. Um, there's a woman named I don't know who this person is. But she's on Twitter got 47,100 followers, Tammy Beret GIs and she tweets out. A covid. Vaccination card for a young man who was born Oregon, August 2nd 2000 and 7 13 years old, almost 14. He got a fighter shot May 23rd the first one, The second one June 13th. He died. This woman writes a week ago today, My brother's 13 year old son had his second Covid shot less than three days later he died. The initial autopsy results on Friday, where that his heart was enlarged. And there was some fluid surrounding it. He had no known health problems was on no medications. Why would and what's crazy? This lady? She then tweeted out. Our family is devastated. I struggled with putting this out on Twitter. I am pro vaccine. We've activated my own 14 year old son as soon as available. I know it is mostly safe. But Jacob is dead now. And yet, the CDC put off their meeting on Friday. Such an emergency for Juneteenth, so as they could've made, it could've been a week before that they didn't do it. Uh, Dr Marty Makary. Johns Hopkins University is the one that wrote in the Wall Street journal. That will be it. Herd immunity by end April. He's all over this and he believes in the in the vaccines, But he's out there saying now I don't think anybody under the age of 18 should get a second shot. You can get a first, but not a second. The dosage. So he right. He retweeted this woman's tweet about the 13 year old dying, he said. He writes another child death immediately after the second back stows, FDA and CDC dragging their feet. Let me be clear again. Kids should not get a second dose until deaths are better understood, or dose lowered fighter already reacted internally by lowering dose planned in current trial of six months to 12 year old Children. Can you imagine, by the way, having like a seven year old kid, a one year old, a six month old and getting filled with this stuff? Getting filled with where you have a 99.99999% chance of survival. It sounds very Dr Manjula esque. It does, doesn't it? It does. I mean, it's It's sick, sick, but these more they're not people trapped in camps anymore. These morons are going there willingly willingly bringing their kids in and saying Inject my kids. Inject my kids. And how do you trust these? These? Okay? How do you trust these government agencies? Don't trust any government agency. Because then I'm going to tell you about this coming up and this this should be another big giant study. Cheryl Atkinson got this. A CDC senior scientists came out blew the whistle said. We trashed data showing vaccine autism link in African American boys The CDC. They get all racist. What I will tell you about it coming up, do not go anywhere. And by the way, how about the dirtbags like and again, the school's saying kids should say masked up until the vaccines available. What's going to happen by the way. Hopefully, 100% of the kids under the age of 12 will not get the vaccine hopefully But then they're gonna say all right, take off your mask now because it's saved. We're not going to ask you who got it? Who didn't but we assume some did And we're not going to. I mean again, kids. I know this because parents semi stuff they go to the Oral Valley town camp where the mayor, apparently as a child abuser, sent emails out and he responded to me when I asked him And he said, Well, there's no vaccine for under the age of 12. So anybody over 12 they can take off their mess. But under 12, keep your mask on. In oral Valley because there's no vaccine. So you want the kids to get the vaccine with her dropping dead? Freaking dirtbag. That's what this guy is Oral Valley and the town manager to Mary Jacob. She had dirtbag to They're all terrible. Human beings will continue. Do not go anywhere. It's Tennessee. The morning ritual with Garrett Lewis. So summer is always busy. Life is always busy, right? We actually have some friends that are coming down visiting us. Um and they're going to be at our home on Friday for the weekend, and the wife and I were like, Oh, my gosh, I'm like, Look, I got at least two hours games Monday Wednesday. I can't be bothered with cleaning the home we have. We have my son's hockey practice. We have other events happening. When do we get up Time? Thank God we have made in Tucson made in Tucson is going to be at our home on Thursday and they're going to clean our home. They're going to wipe down the baseboards going to wipe down the cabinets. They're going to wipe down the backsplash. Gonna wipe the mirrors. They're going to wipe down the get dust. The fans, the blinds, everything. Mop the floor, clean the toilets, the showers. They'll do it all. And probably just a couple of hours for us. They do such a great job..

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