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That's my prediction. Yeah. Possibly so. There was news from BUSTER only this week that giants majority owner Charles Johnson. He is a huge Bryce Harper fan. And it sounds like he's willing to do whatever it takes to get Harper. And we know that the giants were in on Stanton last year. We know that they engage with talks. They always have stand said, no because he was what a group, but he grew up a dodgers fan was that the reason again. Again. I don't remember exactly like the giants as a kid or something like that. I know that was one of the reasons I don't see myself as a giant grew up dot liking them. Like, all right. I understand that. Because if I was like if I was a giants fan I got signed with the daughters like, I don't really want. I mean, I guess that would be a tiebreaker he had options. So it doesn't matter. He went to the Yankees. He probably went to the best situation is the inky have much more money than must can count to so six we know the giants were in on STAN. And it was mostly we hear that it was because of this owner Charles Johnson who really wanted to bring a big name to the giants last year. But now it sounds like from what both through only has said the giants are all in on Harper. I can see it happening. A really can. I know this there is there a percentage chance of like is there? A what's the why would say there if d percent giants right now, and I would say the other fifty percents mix of three or four team. I'll look up favorite to land Harper. I bet the giants are not the went to middle schools called Harper. That means absolutely nothing for listeners. Just it's a fun. Fact, fun fact guys Jeff went to a middle school named Harper. Harper junior high okay? Yeah. I went to junior high to seventh and eighth not not no six seven eight as of October twenty ninth of this year. The cubs plus three hundred the nationals are plus four hundred which I think they're done negative. Yeah. And the giants are plus seven fifty or the third the third see and the nationals. He turned down the cubs. I don't think they're in. I think the cubs are out of Bryce Harper Phillies are even so Phillies have the biggest odds to win the Phillies. The reading the little list game. He was a loft. But yet the Phillies are the best are the number one on the angles and Red Sox plus fifteen hundred so I guess technically they're in the dodgers are eight fifty Yankees or eight hundred but it's between the Phillies the cubs in the giants at the moment. Yeah. I mean, that's gonna get one reading from a twenty actually were twenty nine poll or not pull. But it's maker if you're Bryce Harper, and you can pick between Philadelphia and San Francisco where do you go to live? I'm probably gonna pick San Francisco to live because probably nicer area to live in by the taxes are really high too. I don't think you're terribly concerned when you're making three hundred fifty million about about that. But he'll plus tax. You probably are get a get three hundred and twenty of it..

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