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So i'm pretty sure we've already done this. I just wanna know living or not. They are living. okay fantastic. Okay in that case yes in fact. Blood You alternate targets internal chemistry causing their body to reject this composition. Target takes three d. damage each round but can attend a fortitude safe for half damage and has sickened condition for the duration as christ. So i'm sure there's a save against that right or you have to make half. No no no spell resistance. Yes got note. Do you have to make a ranged attack. It doesn't look at no no school transmutation casting tom. One round range close targets one one living creature duration one mile route level Saving throw fortitude half spells assistance. Yes and there's nothing relating to a attack okay. I can't believe that said. Let me see if these things have spell resistance they do not so that's just dropped me role that fortitude sates if take half a right that is going to be a twenty seven so we'll be half damage right senior. You're doing this one that's closest to you Yes all right so give me the damage right one second. Actually i'm just gonna do it in his one round per level it's just like three d. a. every level. No save your last one round per level. I guess it is a third level. Spelled does so at all does it really does in that same way. You know concentrations basically just in the casting of it and he's not threatened in any way so he's he's fine there and it does not say. Make a range spelled. So what is the spell infect blood in fact blood now the casting time has one round that means that. I can't anything else so i can't do not even going to happen. This doesn't take action until next rancho okay that that helps. Yeah tracks a little bit. Okay very good that she turn. Yeah that's it for me. Excellent it is the heretics turn the to remain. We'll start with the one in the south who is no longer sickened or shaken because the rain enfeeblement expires this round and gloom bought changed his dispiriting to the one closest tune so is going to use. Its move mitt to move half speed out of the tendrils infant starts tearing there has to do a will save from bloomberg syndromes. Are that is ooh. I don't know if i got it here. Tell me does a seventeen save now. Oh for damage with the tendrils with tandys. Td's is that you got to just a just the one for now. Seventeen damage team all our dropping. Some major spells here. I love it I go ahead and do the other one while we're at it. That is a pass. sixteen on the die. If it's i mean assuming it's scott more than like a plus four gripe so it's still we'll take half damage though right or does it take. No we'll have. Was that seventeen all right so take a damage on the other one. All right the one that moved in the south is going as it moved out of the way. And then it's going to step. I think has just enough limit left to get right there and is going to take shot on trae lax because that's the only shot so with the integrated laser rifle shoulder slides up fires not a full attack and we're talking about a thirty five hit again so that's going to be fifteen points a fire damage hired and you see both remaining heretics knit. Some of their wounds back up automatically okay. We'll talk about the one that's here in front of gloom bot full attack gloom although it isn't tangled it's going to be a bit of a penalty here. It's also shaken right. Yes all right so not great for we're at a cumulative modest ford with these conditions imposed on but we're still going to try the full attack. See what we can get. I've got twenty two. That's probably gonna miss right against Casey does miss a thirty though. Will likely hit Eats beats all right. What is that thirty including all the everything that you so. That's going to be twenty one more points of damage to you. Get low on damage him. Let's let's let's say that we're steaming neom. Stephanie is gonna be the hell the heretics turn at round four here more of your backup sound like you're saying that's gonna be the hell of it. I'm done conditioned so. Due to the fact that i'm on the ceiling and a half to keep three of my limbs touching the ceiling to maintain being unsealing. I can't shoot my gun so I'm just gonna use a camera to i mean. Would you say it looks from the map like there's chunks like rock and debris.

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