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What the police tell you to do? And you still get shot. Comply matter who you are comply. Rarely does it happen that a person a civilian absolutely complies with everything the officer said to do and you still get shot. Does that happen? It probably does somewhere you might think about around a tailor, but she was lying in bed. That was a mistake. An accident. As faras complying with the police and getting shot. That's the message is not about white supremacy or ah or some sort of situational racism. What it is is comply with the police and you don't get shot. If you don't comply, Events spiral out of control. Who knows what's gonna happen? It's continuing their calls. We have thousands. Untold millions were listening coming up. Next is a fine American, A woman who wants to talk about what's happening in and CPS and how things could get better. In Cincinnati. Of course at this point is very difficult because they're not playing sports at all. But coming up, We'll be Laura. What will be an expert on what you can do? And since I public schools in the next few days, maybe change the politics of what's going on Nicole Frederick will be here, Nicole Frederick Who's a leader of mentoring and Withrow High School to talk about what's happening and what CPS should do about allowing these kids to play a false sports, which is critical. Nicole Frederick coming up next. It's your home of the Reds. Hopefully, they're going to win a game tonight against ST Louis. A news radio 700 wlw. It's a vision a ll tool. Those cards go at each other with bats, balls and menacing glares out of park. Get the call from the cowboy Tommy thrall today at 5 40 on 700 well jump. The home of the Cincinnati Reds..

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