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These these rush limbaugh newsradio one hundred two point nine karn and let's get started on the phones people want away in going to start in seat when washington larry great to have you sir how are you doing oh great rush brings from the left coat i appreciate that thank you all have a theory about the donna brazile goria night i just wonder if he hasn't labral i on a president run um by riding out the crampton and the democratic party there's gonna be a certain amount of the democrat vote republicans who just fall in love with her or been uh a a woman of virtue for telling the truth all you think that brazil is setting herself up to run after you know what i haven't bonn at that she did do the manhood and size contest with a bunch of guys on the democrat side and i think she won actually which no surprise me donna brazile with the larger manhood packaged in many of these democrat guys but no i that's not where i'm thinking you could be right but i i don't think donna brazile uh i don't think that's her area of interest i don't think that's that's what is on tap here uh but you are close to what i'm thinking nevertheless here's bill in a rally north carolina great to have you sir how are you i don't rush the want pleasure i feel like i won the lottery today well thank you i appreciate that sir harry lip and then you her many many year my i.

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