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It wasn't right i knew it was weird this is what happened this this is why it felt so wrong this is why i have felt you know so in turmoil an angry your or you name it you know in denial so um it is helpful for pastors and for caregivers to understand a true definition so then they can walk and individual through actually naming hey this is what happened you and this is why it fought wrong because it was wrong it was a legal um so it's good to have kind of a a good working definition for sure now what about stats around sexual abuse what are some of the wellknown stats about abuse and families and maybe what are some of the lesser known stats people might not be familiar with one of why i always tau armed parents especially with sexual abuse is that eighty eighty percent of the time that abuser um is known by an individual and so when you're talking about children and you're thinking oh my gosh like well you know i'm not leaving them alone with you know these like random strangers so therefore my kids fine um we tell parents actually you know the the people that are abusing our children are known by our children known by our families and so eighty percent at a time it is um an acquaintance in so we wanna make sure parents understand that not so you're walking around paranoid of oh my gosh is this person you nogan abuse my children but it just gives as a good idea of you know it's not the stranger in the bushes it's not the random.

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