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Three. Well, first of all, they do not have one to three. So one to two. Okay, if they have one to three, then you know something more than I do as far as the tote system Southern California. Okay. One to two. I agree with everything you said. By the way, it's intriguing here that flavian Pratt has the regular writer for doctor Shiva flight line and triple tap. He's the only he's the only writer that flight line or triple tap have seen. And he's been on doctor shibe, each of his last 5 starts. So as Mel Brooks said in history of the world, it's good to be the king. And that's where flavian Pratt is right now in Southern California. He chooses flight line. I can't blame him for choosing flight line. I guess if you're going to take a negative look at flight line, like reasons to not like him. Well, he is facing tougher company for the first time. He's also running without Lasix for the first time. Whereas doctor Schiff has been running regularly without Lasix, and I don't think triple tap has ever raced with Lasix. So flight line is going to have to try to do it without the medication Lasix for the first time. If you don't think that's an issue, I don't think you can lose. My honest opinion is, this is the best three year old in the country. I'm not saying he can beat a central quality going a mile in an 8th of a mile in a quarter, or he could have beaten Medina Spirit in The Kentucky Derby or whatever. I think this horse is the fastest three year old in the country. All of those other ones, whether you're a hot rod, Charlie fan, a central quality fan, Medina Spirit, life is good. This horse is faster. I think both of his races are faster than any of the other three year olds have ever run. And I think it's better than any of these horses can run. The other thing that I think he has going for him is he's got another pretty good post. He's drawn near the outside, the two horses directly outside of him team merchants and triple tap. I don't think are nearly as fast as him early on. So he's either going to be on the lead or stalking from the outside again, so he should have a trouble free trip. I agree with you. I think one to two is about as high as it could possibly get for flight line. He's going to open up at one to 9 one to 5 once again. Listen, if you want to beat him, if you like doctor Shiva or you like triple tap you like any of these other ones, you're going to get a better price than whatever the morning line says. Doctor Shiva will most likely be higher than 5 to two at post time. Everything is going to go on flight line. He's the headliner in this spot. And I think he's going to continue on his winning ways. I like him just like you do, Dave, in the grade one Malibu race ten on the Sunday card. Really interested in just watching him run, and seeing how good he is. Final race that we're going to look at, the grade one American oaks, $300,000 on the line for the three year old Phillies. They go a mile and a quarter on the turf field of 11. We heard in the rejoin going global winning the grade one del mar oaks boy going global has done almost nothing wrong since arriving in this country. She has won 7 a rather 6 of her 7 starts since arriving in Southern California and she will be favored once again. Yeah, a deserving favorite and probably the most likely winner. Just love Santa Anita four for the track. Beat older last time, including a couple pretty good ones in Zohu and princess grace. And every race is a good one. You're getting that a effort, maybe a minus effort every time a repeat of last time out is going to put going global in the winter circle. If she backs up just a little bit though, this is a pretty good race. I think Chad brown's fluffy socks on the rail is possible coming off a win in the grade two sands point at Belmont park had a pretty good summer in New York running second in a grade three race at Saratoga, faced some good ones in a grade three at Belmont and was third in a grade one to go in global and closing remarks at del mar in August. There's a terrific price of the morning line is to believed with number four nicest 8 to one for the daughter of American pharaoh, who I'm just not gonna knock ran into a couple of really good horses in a grade one at chemo to in October and came back last time faced older and was third and 5 horse field, but only missed by a half length against pretty good horses in a grade three at del mar. I will be using all three of those. I think going global is the most likely winner. I'll probably end up betting nicest. Okay, so you like going global, but you also like nicest in the race. I went to the inside and the Chad Brown trainee fluffy socks like the inside post. Yes, she was beaten by going global two starts back in that del mar oaks, but only beaten by about a length and a half that day. I like the post position for her. And I think those are the two that are the likeliest of winners I would use both of them fluffy socks and glowing global. But for the price I'm going to put fluffy socks on top. All 14 races in the books. It's time now.

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