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America's backyard. Billy's is the fireplace. I love it. You love I do love. We've got a couple collars We have built on the lines of Brian, but not the same problem. Right, Brian. Good morning, Brian. Hey, How are you? All right. Oh, pretty good. This crawls in Cambridge Bridge. No headed down to do some sick of deer hunting ducks going gone. Yeah, a little bit of their new but good that you got more than follow out the boats down there. That sounds right. We're from Kent County, right? I kind of recognize the voice. Well, Yeah, I know you won't that November, Woods. Oh, yeah, Brian? Sure. I knew you're now. Absolutely. Yep. Okay. Good. How about with you all pretty good, Good. Good. You enjoying your new enjoying your new place there where you're working. Ah, yeah, the gods. Don't worry, Welles. Good. Glad to hear All right. Well, I'll give you a call. I think I need another poem. Something about the marsh. Yeah, I got a few things got it down, right? That sounds good man. So well. Good luck today. Diving, diving, duck and dive and duck. That's good diving, duck and sick. You got it right? What way is what we do? You're right. Yep. Brian. Well, you're you're in the muzzle loader contest. Sally got Stan Stan, the truck driver name used in the truck. Turner. We saw a couple morning We saw a couple of We saw a couple of tankers the other day yesterday, I guess coming out of the Ah Coming out of the way station out there. Howard County. I was one of the fun of it was you No, unfortunately was unfortunate. Now they got they got me doing a city thing, but somebody's gotta do it. My area anyway. I was told to call and say Hi, y'all. I want to be in the contest. Well, then you just did. Thank you. And you are. So does I. I want to be the winner. Ah, well, the way I don't have to call again. No, I on on on on it shatter note. Yeah, this flashing back to what you said about Clyde. Yeah, I remember back years just going in there Flying the wall. Just keep my mouth shut, Ears open and listen to everything they had to say they're no. Yeah, I got some instructions from that man that were just absolutely gorgeous. I mean, yet. They've been here so long any any questions? Any question that I would have Yeah, the answer for and showed me how to do it, right? No question. No question wheeling and dealing and they're and they're just beautiful people that work for work with. I mean During during all the all the emergencies and all the you know, Crazy gun people by means lots of guns for protection and things like that. You know, they never. They never raised your prices. They never gouged anybody ever not ever once. You know, I'm laughing now, but I'm laughing with respect, but I don't know what to do. 356. Adam and Little Baggies coming out of a barrel. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I can't remember which Amo crunch that wass but weak out. You do the commercial. Yeah. Yeah, I did. Yeah, I did. I said people remember that they got a barrel 556 in and nobody had and man we sent people in there they bottom out in a week. All right, buddy. Well done and then go back in and save our respect. You got it. Thanks, man. Shiny side up, buddy. Don't try like hell. Keep the shiny side up, all right? Bye Bye, babe. Like me. I love it to you and your wife. Thank you. What? Westerman. You know, we were around where we counting up their loan Accounting. Yeah, I've been alone. A cockney, have you? I just want the little Orleans down, right? I've been too little Orleans. We didn't go this trip. I've never been there. I have. You know, we've been right by there. Oh, yeah. Little Orleans? Yeah, Yeah, the ice too good. I used to go to Bill's place when he was still alive. That's how long I've been up there hunting up every stop by You better hurry. Got caught fire up there. I think something happened. Yeah, I don't remember. So I just want to get on that gun on gun delight. You're in on it, buddy. Hearing on a good luck to you. Thanks, Bill. Let's talk to lead morning, Lee. Going around. Are you love? Good morning. I'm loving this morning Street her on my very chance of women. You never know. I don't think Because we've never fixed it ever. I know makes me use my random generator, a random number generator. That worked great. Yeah. How's it feel being married to a rich woman with deep pockets? You know, I have no idea really. But she must see most of you going to take that trip to New Zealand. She's talking about Well, we just got an entry from from our buddy. Ralph. He's in New Delhi. The deli please enter my name in the content. Should I win New Delhi? India's nice time is nice. This time of year. I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit..

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