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Now three. Always coming up with checking name with David Johnson for your Wall Street wrap up. That's after traffic and weather together on the east of Julian Rogers. Okay, We're getting slammed with traffic in quite a few areas now, So first off will start in downtown Dallas just to let you know very likely clearing out the roadwork here South. Around eight Street now again. Typically, when this happens, they tend to shut all lanes down in order to clear it out. So we're looking at a very big backup that is brewing south in the downtown area. Just before you get the I 30. Boy. We're on the brakes there, and I see nothing but stopped traffic on your way down to eight. So that is very likely. What's happening? Not seen anybody getting through. Yeah, that's going to be the case. Ah, 35 East south at Regal Ro and accident just cleared out, and so what's left is going to be a backup. It takes you all the way back from Walnut Hill. But what's also contributing to this is an accident on Loop 12 and that's going to be South just past the 35 he split and again two left lanes are blocked there. So, uh, once again that wreck 35. He is clear, but you still have delays to contend with. If you're turning south on the Loop 12 now Fort Worth several issues 35 W. South spur to 80. That's in the heart of downtown for worth. Left lane is blocked by a wreck. Now you're gonna be coming down from 1 21 there to stop and go pace. Once you get out of that left lane, there's an accident. Stay out of it because there is another accident right after that, both of these wrecks in that same vicinity over all that backs up from Northeast 28th Street. And then continuing at a Southworth, a record seminary in the left lane, Thankfully, not a terrible backup, but heavy from about bury ST. I'm Julian Rogers next reported 3 18 and breaking traffic alerts.

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