Cheltenham, Google Maps, Apple discussed on Tech Tent - Cheltenham Science Festival 2017


Say i use the sang for dinner tonight maybe maybe an algorithm can help you to choose restaurant the is is gonna see your dietary preferences heat and any idea is very helpful algorithm for me here in cheltenham so what your trying to find your way back to the station using using an algorithm which you or an algorithm powered map like google maps are the maps are available would be one of a kind of things that we're all using these days so we need to be just a bit more cheerful about algorithms can do for and start worrying so much that they could really have a very positive effect on our lives they already are but there's a few things to think about he turned show and journey tennyson where we were hearing earlier about apple's new home ports speaker another device joining amazon's echoed the google over many others enlisting out for our commodes but are we comfortable with being overheard in this way so do you think your technology is listening to you i think so why would it be doing that geno just entrusted carry what about you you're listening to you is good question it goes along with the whole kind of an webcam thing does now he's watching he's listening what about you illegal catches that listen to you quite show do you think you're gadgets the listening to you no not really doesn't me mt concerned muhlegg's so an amazon echo is listening to you is yeah we have got one in the home and do you worry about that so because it's sitting there listening all the time.

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